Book Club 38:21

Renée Mauborgne

Blue Ocean Shift

Book Club 32:58

Morten Hansen

Great At Work

Execution Series 3:24

Cam Barber

How to Engage People From Start to Finish

Execution Series 3:53

Cam Barber

How to Dissolve Public Speaking Anxiety

Execution Series 2:01

Cam Barber

How to END a Speech

Execution Series 3:44

Cam Barber

How to START a Speech

Execution Series 2:22

Cam Barber

What’s Your Message?

Execution Series 2:30

Cam Barber

The 3 Levels of Persuasion

In The Mind of the CEO 4:12

Danny Kordahi

DKM Blue - Strategy

In The Mind of the CEO 7:21

Danny Kordahi

DKM Blue - Sales and Marketing

Book Club 33:25

Karen Leland

The Brand Mapping Strategy

Book Club 29:39

Kevin N. Lawrence

Your Oxygen Mask First