Mark Bonchek

As the CEO of Shift Thinking, Mark works with organisations to unlearn mental models that have grown outdated, and replace them with new ones that can accelerate growth, engagement and performance.

As a member of the Singularity University faculty, Mark helps leaders embrace an exponential mindset, letting go of incremental change and scarce resources, replacing it with transformative change and the possibility of abundance.  

He also writes regularly for Harvard Business Review where he has published almost fifty articles.  

As an advisor, executive, entrepreneur, and scholar, Mark has been a pioneer on the frontier of business since receiving Harvard's first PhD on the topic of social media in 1997. 

Mark is also the originator of the Thinking Styles assessment. Unlike personality tests, Thinking Styles enables individuals to know how they best collaborate in a team to understand its strengths and weaknesses. The HBR article on thinking styles was one of the ten most popular articles in 2015.


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Mark Bonchek

Fall, Learn and Find Your Edge

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Mark Bonchek

Elements of Brand Orbit

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Mark Bonchek

Who Wins is Who Recovers

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Mark Bonchek

Transformation - The Butterfly Metaphor

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Mark Bonchek

UNLEARNING your mental model for customer-centricity