Deborah Keep

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As one of the select trainers of the Multipliers methodology in the Asia Pacific region, Deborah is an in-demand speaker, trainer and coach for organisations that want to transform their leadership capabilities at all levels.

She works with industry leading clients such as BlueScope and Veolia, and specialises in building culture to improve productivity, engagement and safety. 

Through a melting pot of mindset techniques, neuroscience principles and behavioural studies, heavily interlaced with the Multipliers approach, she provides ground-breaking culture and leadership programs that create new and sustainable beliefs and behaviours across whole teams and sites. 

Deborah also applies her mindset and performance techniques with sports teams, helping them to focus on the mental application of their sport. She is a huge sports fan and intertwines the latest sport and business thinking to create lightbulb moments and impactful results. 


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