Simon Banks

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Simon Banks has over 30 years’ experience in the media industries and he is passionate about all things video.

He picked up a camera at 16, and the rest is history.  Since then he has worked for some of the largest TV broadcasters (BBC, ITV, CH4, ZDF, Seven Network and National Geographic) and biggest corporate companies (Morgan Stanley, Roche, Novartis, Macquarie, Tui Travel, UNICEF and Sony) around the world. He’s worked and lived in three continents, Australia, North America, and the UK, and his experience gives him a unique insight to this industry.
His current company Tallboy Communications Ltd was formed in 1999 after returning from living in New York. Tallboy is an award winning corporate video communication agency, and has successfully delivered 1000's of high-quality video for over 15 years. Simon has worked for a diverse range of clients across many sectors (corporate, charity and government) which has given him insights on how businesses and corporations communicate and use video successfully.



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