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10 October 2023
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Senior Leadership Program

John Spence on Leadership


Introducing our Senior Leadership Program - a tailor-made program to empower leaders with the fundamentals of business success. 

In 2023, only 40% report their company has high quality leaders. According to DDI’s 2023 Global Leadership Forecast this is the steepest decline in leadership quality in a decade.  

Turn this leadership crisis to competitive advantage. Craft your legacy of excellence by honing your leadership skills to exponentially grow your team or company. 

Award-winning executive coach John Spence has improved thousands of leaders and organisations worldwide. He’s reshaped thinking at Apple, Microsoft, Forbes, NASA, Thinkers50 and Coca-Cola with tailored guidance on four fundamental areas of focus, expressed by the formula: 

(Talent + Culture + Extreme Customer Focus) x Discipline Execution = Business Excellence

These four elements are the pillars of a successful company, sitting atop a solid base of quality product, strong financial controls, and effective processes and procedures. 

Become superb at acquiring top talent, creating an engaging culture, fostering strong customer relationships, and executing with discipline. Join our Senior Leadership Program and build the foundation for sustained success.



A solid understanding of the fundamental building blocks of organisational success and a specific set of tools that will ensure that you effectively execute them.

1. Session: Wednesday 11th October @ 11.00am - 12.15pm (AEDT) 

People: The Heart of Your Business

The success of your business is directly determined by the quality of the people that you can get, grow, and keep on your team. Examine the critical elements for attracting and retaining top talent.

  • People as the Business Backbone: Establishing the critical role of human capital in driving organisational success
  • Talent Acquisition & Retention: The seven key things that the best employees look for in the organisation where they work
  • Professional Development: The significance of upskilling and continuous learning in maintaining a competitive edge
  • Loyalty and Growth: Crafting strategies to instil commitment and drive career progression within the team

2. Session: Wednesday 25th October @ 11.00am - 12.15pm (AEDT) 

Cultivating a Winning Organisational Culture

A thriving company culture doesn’t emerge by accident; it’s intentionally crafted. Dive into the elements of building a winning culture.

  • The Blueprint of an Exemplary Culture: Understanding the nine core elements of an outstanding organisational culture
  • Employee Engagement and Loyalty: Mechanisms to foster enthusiasm, commitment, and a sense of ownership among employees
  • Creating a Culture that Embraces Change: Examine how people react to what they perceive as negative change and how to help them succeed in a fast-changing environment

3. Session: Wednesday 8th November @ 11.00am - 12.15pm (AEDT) 

Extreme Customer Focus: A Massive Strategic Advantage

The only critic whose opinion counts is the customer. Embrace a customer-centric approach to dominate the market and create customers that are highly loyal to your brand.

  • Owning the Voice of the Customer: Techniques to engage, understand, and cater to your customer’s needs
  • Moments of Truth: Identifying and optimising the critical touchpoints that transform customers into brand ambassadors
  • Building Customer Evangelists: Steps to foster brand loyalty that goes beyond mere satisfaction, turning customers into vocal advocates

4. Session: Wednesday 22nd November @ 11.00am - 12.15pm (AEDT) 

Disciplined Execution & Unwavering Accountability

Driving results necessitates an unwavering commitment to execution and taking ownership. Learn the principles that foster a culture of accountability and the pitfalls to avoid.

  • Six Steps of Accountability: A structured approach to instill and maintain a culture of responsibility
  • High-Performance Teams: Learn the key elements for building and sustaining high performing teams
  • Leadership's Role in Accountability: The imperative for leadership to set the tone and be a living example of the core elements of the culture and taking personal accountability
  • Meeting Cadence: How to ensure continuous momentum on strategy execution
  • The Four Pieces of Paper: A simple but powerful tool to deal with employees that are not performing at the required level

Each class will consist of one hour of presentations and interactive workshops, followed by 15 minutes of question-and-answer sessions. The content will be fast-paced, rich with information, and focused on real-world tools and ideas that can be immediately implemented to foster the growth and success of your organisation.

  • Field of study: People & Culture, Growth, Strategy, Execution, Communications, Customer Success
  • Level: Intermediate, Experienced
  • CPE Credits: 7.5 (1.5 per module)

You Will Learn


  • Understand how your organisation can attract, grow, and retain top talent
  • Learn how to build high-performance teams
  • Look at why culture is vital to your organisation
  • Examine the essential elements for developing a winning culture
  • Learn how to deeply unpack why your customers do business with you
  • Understand how you can create a high accountability and winning culture

Who Should Attend

Information packed and highly practical, this masterclass is a must-attend for:

  • Senior level leaders, directors and business owners
  • Anyone responsible for Customer Success and Business Growth in their business
  • Mid-level managers with C-Suite career aspirations


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John Spence

John Spence is an author, international executive coach, professional development educator, virtual trainer, strategic planning facilitator, keynote speaker and developer of online learning programs. John is recognised as one of the top business thought leaders and leadership development experts in the world and was named by the American Management Association as one of America’s Top 50 Leaders to Watch along with Sergey Brin and Larry Page of Google and Jeff Bezos of Amazon. As a consultant and coach to organisations worldwide, from startups to the Fortune 10, John is dedicated to helping people and businesses be more successful by “Making the Very Complex… Awesomely Simple.”


Growth Faculty pass


Access this event by buying a ticket OR join with our Growth Faculty Pass for access to all our virtual events for 12 months.

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Growth Faculty pass


Access this event by buying a ticket OR join with our Growth Faculty Pass for access to all our virtual events for 12 months.

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10 October 2023
FEES (USD incl. tax per person)
Growth Faculty Member Rate $0

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