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26 July 2022
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Into the Storm: Thrive in a world less predictable

Dr. Jason Fox on Leadership

How do leaders weather the storm?

Conventional leadership serves a complicated yet predictable world. But the world is complex, and our futures are rewritten quicker than they can be understood.

At the cusp of a new and uncertain era — with a pandemic amidst the meta-crisis — leaders must navigate new tensions and transitions from: 

  • hierarchies to networks
  • centralised control to distributed authority
  • robust planning to antifragile experimentation
  • bureaucracy to responsiveness
  • profit-obsessed to purpose-driven… (and so on)

Such change demands a refreshed leadership philosophy and culture. One that’s fit for a world less predictable. 

Join leadership advisor, Dr Jason Fox, in what promises to be an upbeat, sometimes unsettling and philosophically compelling new 90-minute live virtual masterclass for leaders and teams seeking to inspire and develop their organisations for an uncertain future.

With a research background in motivational design, Jason brings fresh thinking to the domain of leadership. This masterclass evokes rich, new and somewhat challenging questions for experienced and emerging leaders seeking to prepare themselves for the future of work.

“We cannot simply default to the quick and the familiar — we must consider the viable alternative options. Having these at hand makes our strategy much more enriched.” - Dr. Jason Fox

  • Field of study: Leadership, Resilience, Motivation
  • Level: Entry and Intermediate
  • CPE Credits: 1.5

You Will Learn

  • What you can do to ensure your work is relevant and meaningful
  • How to effectively influence, inspire and lead through change
  • How your team can become more nimble, networked and resilient
  • How to collectively rise to meet the complexity of our times

Who Should Attend

Information packed and highly practical, this masterclass series is a must-attend for:

  • CEOs and high performing teams 
  • Business leaders/ heads of department 
  • Entrepreneurs and business owners
  • Anyone interested to prepare themselves and their team for the future


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Dr. Jason Fox

Dr Jason Fox is a motivational speaker, bestselling author, leadership advisor and philosopher. 

He shows forward-thinking leaders around the world how to pioneer new and meaningful progress — beyond the default. Jason has worked with Fortune 500 companies from around the world, including Microsoft, HP, Toyota, Honda, Sony, Salesforce, Red Cross, KPMG and The World Tourism Forum. 

Jason has lectured at three universities and is the bestselling author of The Game Changer and How to Lead a Quest. In addition to serving as a leadership adviser, Dr Fox is also a globally in-demand keynote speaker who works particularly well with senior leaders and skeptical audiences who have ‘seen it all before’. In 2016 he was awarded ‘Keynote Speaker of the Year’.



26 July 2022
FEES (USD incl. tax per person)
Standard Rate $130
Member Rate (Leadership Pass) $0

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