16th February 2020

Dangerously inspiring quotes from Brené Brown and Seth Godin

Motivational quotes to change your life from 2 disruptive TED Talk speakers

By Christine Kininmonth



16th February 2020

Entrepreneurs must-watch: livestream with Blackstone’s CEO and Co-Founder

Stephen Schwarzman on thinking about ambition and risk

By Christine Kininmonth


david-meerman-scott fanocracy

13th February 2020

Great Ideas: David Meerman Scott on how being a geek led to Fanocracy

Marketing guru says fandom can be applied to business

By Karen Beattie


On Demand 14 day trial

4th February 2020

Seth Godin and Simon Sinek's Top Tips for Entrepreneurs

Insights from Seth Godin and Simon Sinek

By Lancey Morris

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2nd February 2020

Where Simon Sinek and Brené Brown agree

TED Talk heavy hitters on our deep-seated need to feel safe

By Christine Kininmonth


Seth Godin Live

29th January 2020

How TED Talk's remarkable Seth Godin turns customers into fans

David Meerman Scott's Fanocracy teaches you how to get fans too

By Christine Kininmonth

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pat in crowd

27th January 2020

What makes a good leader in 2020 - the definitive guide

Practical checklist of top leadership qualities from our speakers and authors 

By Christine Kininmonth



14th January 2020

GREAT IDEAS: Leadership Bold Moves by Ella Baché CEO Pippa Hallas

Leadership lessons from famous family business CEO

By Karen Beattie


Malala Yousafzai

3rd January 2020

21 Leadership Quotes from Inspiring Women

Leadership quotes from the world's best

By Lancey Morris

#leadership #innovation

Brene Brown LIVE

16th December 2019

A Year in Review: Simon Sinek, Brene Brown and More

A look back on our biggest year yet

Michelle Obama

14th December 2019

An Evening with Michelle Obama: Highlights from an Incredible Night

A standing ovation for the former first lady

By Lancey Morris

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10th December 2019

Best Seth Godin quotes from This is Marketing, Purple Cow and Linchpin

Top quotes from marketing guru Seth Godin

By Christine Kininmonth

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