Indra Nooyi

5th December 2018

“There isn’t a honeymoon period…from day one you are the CEO.”

Quotes by Indra Nooyi, former CEO of PepsiCo

Jonah Berger with book - blo

18th September 2018

GREAT IDEAS: Contagious by Jonah Berger

Key points on research showing why things catch on

By Karen Beattie

#marketing #sales

Viral video blog image

31st August 2018

How to make viral content. My product’s $0 budget video has 1.8+ million views

Contagious author shares how you can do it

By Christine Kininmonth

#marketing #sales

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Robert Cialdini - Blog

22nd August 2018

Dr. Robert Cialdini - What makes people say 'Yes'

Highlights from Robert Cialdini LIVE

By Karen Beattie

#strategy #people #marketing #sales

Jill Konrath

15th August 2018

GREAT IDEAS: More Sales, Less Time by Jill Konrath

Highlights from our Interview with Jill Konrath

By Karen Beattie

#execution #people #sales

Jack Daly

26th July 2018

Kick A** Quotes from Jack Daly’s Winning Sales Strategies

PG-rated tips for sales managers from Hyper Sales Growth author