Dan Heath - presentation landscape image

5th November 2020

Upstream: Key concepts from Dan Heath's latest book on preventing problems

How to solve problems before they happen from the author of Made to Stick

By The Growth Faculty

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3rd November 2020

Just like being there: virtual venue for 2021 Jim Collins global event

Sneak peek inside global Jim Collins event Roadmap to Greatness

By The Growth Faculty


David Marquet - presentation banner with book

13th October 2020

Leadership is Language: Key concepts from David Marquet's latest book

One page summary of Turn the Ship Around author's latest book

By The Growth Faculty

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Janine Gardner - mugshot

6th October 2020

Be Brilliant: Key concepts from Janine Garner's inspiring book

One page summary of Garner's latest book Be Brilliant

By Christine Kininmonth

#leadership #people

Alyssa Gallagher - image 580x390

30th September 2020

How being a multiplier doubles the intelligence of your team for free

Tips from our Multipliers masterclass

By Christine Kininmonth

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Simon Sinek Lobby

26th September 2020

Sneak Peek: The Growth Faculty Virtual Venue

Take a look at our venue for Simon Sinek's November 2020 event

By Jessica de Rooy

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