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31st May 2023

Kaihan Krippendorff’s IDEAS Framework

Outthink your competition with these ideas for innovation

By Christine Kininmonth

#strategy #innovation


5th April 2023

Future Fit: 6 Ways to Develop Your AQ

Summary of Andrea Clarke masterclass on adaptability in the workplace

By Growth Faculty

#people #innovation

AOV22 - event overview

2nd March 2022

How Entrepreneurs Win With Business Model Innovation

Alex Osterwalder masterclass summary: How to Build Invincible Companies

By Christine Kininmonth

#strategy #innovation

Indra Nooyi Australia

1st February 2022

Compelling Quotes from a Woman CEO: Indra Nooyi, former head of PepsiCo

Diversity, women's leadership, bias, inspiration: Top Quotes from Indra Nooyi

Mark Bonchek - image

1st September 2021

Mark Bonchek: Transforming the company using new mental models

Leadership masterclass - Mindshift: Tools for Transformation

By Christine Kininmonth



2nd June 2021

How this gutsy entrepreneur is surviving a COVID-19 crisis

Pearl Chan and Resparkle's Covid start-up story

By Christine Kininmonth



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