Indra Nooyi

21st January 2019

Glass ceiling alive and well - 6 left at the very top in 2019

With Indra Nooyi’s exit, six fascinating female CEOs left in Fortune 100

By Christine Kininmonth

#leadership #strategy #people

Kevin Lawrence blog 1

17th January 2019

GREAT IDEAS: Your Oxygen Mask First by Kevin Lawrence

Lessons from the book, and our interview with Kevin Lawrence

By Karen Beattie

#leadership #people

Brene Brown

16th January 2019

The 30 best Brené BROWN quotes for leaders

Inspiring words from the New York Times bestseller author

By The Growth Faculty

#leadership #strategy #people #inspiration

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Fusion book

15th January 2019

Why "EX" is the buzz acronym of 2019 – and why Airbnb makes it a top priority

New book says an “implicit social contract” with staff is key

By Christine Kininmonth

#leadership #people #marketing #sales

Michael Redman crop

15th January 2019

This CEO changed to Open Book Management, and hasn’t looked back

Why Michael Redman shares everything with his team

By Christine Kininmonth

#leadership #people

Brene Brown Square

13th January 2019

Straight shooting Brené Brown: 4 steps for tough conversations

Renowned researcher Brené Brown offers up tips on tough talks

By Karen Beattie