10th December 2019

Best Seth Godin quotes from This is Marketing, Purple Cow and Linchpin

Top quotes from marketing guru Seth Godin

By Christine Kininmonth

#marketing #sales #inspiration


9th December 2019

GREAT IDEAS: Respect tops CEOs list: 7 key attributes of very successful leaders

Manager and Leaders Institute CEO David Pich says respect is #1

By Karen Beattie



9th December 2019

GREAT IDEAS: 5 roles and 5 results of great leaders - coach Brad Giles's tips

Tips from entrepreneur and coach Brad Giles, author of Made to Thrive

By Karen Beattie


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9th December 2019

The Wait is Over: Seth Godin Announces Tour in Australia, NZ, Singapore

"Quit or be exceptional. Average is for losers." - Seth Godin


4th December 2019

GREAT IDEAS: Simon Sinek’s 5 qualities of a leader with an infinite mindset

Quality leadership in new book from Start with Why's Simon Sinek

By Karen Beattie



25th November 2019

GREAT IDEAS: Why Jodie Fox talks about her failed shoe company

"I’m looking for my community. There are a lot of us hitting troubles."

By Karen Beattie



21st November 2019

Steve Jobs's famous leadership trait that you probably do yourself

How your leadership style affects your people's mood

By Christine Kininmonth


Susan David Freemium Livestream

18th November 2019

GREAT IDEAS: Emotional Agilty by Susan David {interview}

How emotional agility affects the workplace: Harvard Medical School professor

By Karen Beattie


Ethical leadership

16th November 2019

7 Characteristics of Ethical Leadership and Why They Matter

How the best leaders create meaningful work

By Lancey Morris

#leadership #strategy #innovation


12th November 2019

GREAT IDEAS: Inspired by Silicon Valley's Marty Cagan

Google’s leadership secret told to us by Silicon Valley Product Group’s founder

By Karen Beattie



7th November 2019

Hi, I'm boring. Harvard expert on Taming Destructive Self-Talk

Emotional Agility author Susan David says you can step out of ugly “truths”

By Christine Kininmonth


amy edmondson fearless organisation

3rd November 2019

GREAT IDEAS: The Fearless Organization by Amy Edmondson {Interview}

Speaking up at work must be encouraged for businesses to thrive

By Karen Beattie