14th April 2021

CEO: Why we spend $90k per year on professional learning and development

The NZ not-for-profit making L&D a strong focus for their 150 staff

By Christine Kininmonth


Shannon Byrne blog image

24th February 2021

7-Step framework for growth in 2021

Leadership masterclass with former "Top 40 Under 40" CEO Shannon Byrne Susko

By Christine Kininmonth

#leadership #strategy


17th February 2021

Jim Collins: The Flywheel, Bullets and Cannonballs, The Stockdale Paradox

3 video snippets of Jim Collins outlining his iconic leadership concepts

By The Growth Faculty

#leadership #strategy

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John Spence with Book - BLOG

10th February 2021

Masterclass: Fortune10 coach on adaptability

How John Spence teaches adaptability to the top global leaders

By The Growth Faculty

#leadership #strategy


9th December 2020

Year in Review: How 2020 shaped us into a leading virtual events destination

How 2020 taught us adaptive leadership and team resilience

By Christine Kininmonth

#strategy #innovation

Brian Dumaine - Image with book

22nd September 2020

Bezonomics by Brian Dumaine: A one-page summary of the book about Amazon

How the flywheel and a Day One mindset keeps Amazon growing

By Christine Kininmonth

#strategy #innovation