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20th August 2019

GREAT IDEAS: Nine Lies About Work by Marcus Buckingham {Interview}

From a serious stammer to successful speaker:  strengths guru Marcus Buckingham

By Karen Beattie

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Brene Brown Aus

8th August 2019

22 Quotes to inspire you to Dare to Lead from Brené Brown {from live event}

New and original quotes direct from Brené Brown LIVE 2019

By Lancey Morris

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22nd July 2019

Great Ideas: Flex by Jeffrey Hull {interview}

Business leadership advice from Harvard and NYU academic

By Karen Beattie

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10th July 2019

Marcus Buckingham - People don’t need feedback: they need this…

Nine Lies About Work:  Lie # 5 People need feedback 

By Christine Kininmonth

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3rd July 2019

GREAT IDEAS: Start with Your People by Brian Dixon {Interview}

How a humbling experience led to better leadership and better relationships

By Karen Beattie

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Jack Daly

27th June 2019

How to keep your best millennial salespeople from leaving your company

Professional coaching a top reason millennials stay or leave a company

By Christine Kininmonth

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