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11th August 2019

Best Simon Sinek Quotes on the Infinite Game, Start with Why, and Leadership

Quotes from the author of The Infinite Game - Simon Sinek - TED Talk sensation

By Christine Kininmonth


Brene Brown Aus

8th August 2019

Quotes from Brené Brown LIVE in 2019

Our favourite quotes from Brené Brown LIVE

By Lancey Morris

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Brene Brown Australia

1st August 2019

In the Arena with BRENÉ BROWN: Choosing Courage over Comfort

Inspiring lessons of bravery from Brené Brown Live in Australia.

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Simon Sinek in Australia

30th July 2019

Powerhouse Simon Sinek to Tour Australia and New Zealand in 2020

Simon Sinek LIVE to explore themes from his new book, The Infinite Game.

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22nd July 2019

Great Ideas: Flex by Jeffrey Hull {interview}

Business leadership advice from Harvard and NYU academic

By Karen Beattie

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10th July 2019

Marcus Buckingham - People don’t need feedback: they need this…

Nine Lies About Work:  Lie # 5 People need feedback 

By Christine Kininmonth

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