Susan David Freemium Livestream

18th November 2019

GREAT IDEAS: Emotional Agilty by Susan David {interview}

How emotional agility affects the workplace: Harvard Medical School professor

By Karen Beattie


Ethical leadership

16th November 2019

7 Characteristics of Ethical Leadership and Why They Matter

How the best leaders create meaningful work

By Lancey Morris

#leadership #strategy #innovation


12th November 2019

GREAT IDEAS: Inspired by Silicon Valley's Marty Cagan

Google’s leadership secret told to us by Silicon Valley Product Group’s founder

By Karen Beattie


On Demand 14 day trial

7th November 2019

Hi, I'm boring. Harvard expert on Taming Destructive Self-Talk

Emotional Agility author Susan David says you can step out of ugly “truths”

By Christine Kininmonth


amy edmondson fearless organisation

3rd November 2019

GREAT IDEAS: The Fearless Organization by Amy Edmondson {Interview}

Speaking up at work must be encouraged for businesses to thrive

By Karen Beattie


2017 Simon Sinek

18th October 2019

4 Reasons Business Leaders Need Simon Sinek's Message in 2020

How to be an effective leader

By Lancey Morris

#leadership #people #innovation