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Seth Godin: This is our moment

Seth Godin on stepping up.

“This is a book about opportunity. The opportunity to take your turn and to make a difference. The opportunity to contribute, to lead and to live your life fully.
The thing is, there’s no easy way to do this. No simple way to quiet the noise in your head, no proven method to earn the respect and applause of your family and friends, no guaranteed approach that’s going to insulate you from heartache.
This might not work.
It might not be fun.
I hope you’ll do it anyway.”

Seth Godin, What To Do When It's Your Turn

Marketing guru and best-selling author, Seth Godin shares about opportunity. How to recognise the opportunities that exist now and take them.
Seth says mindset is crucial to high-quality creative output.
He urges us to live life ready to give. And to know what to do when fear comes, and it will. Watch it now.

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