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Seth Godin Live

The Wait is Over: Seth Godin Announces Tour in Australia, NZ

19 x bestselling author taking his new seminar global in May 2020

(picture credit: Polo Jimenez)

“Your tactics can make a difference, but your strategy—your commitment to a way of being and a story to be told and a promise to be made—can change everything.”

- Seth Godin

Entrepreneur, marketing titan and 19 x best-selling author Seth Godin is coming back to Australia after six long years, this time bringing his four hour workshop to Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland. 

Widely regarded and respected for his ethical and unique approach to marketing, Seth has inspired millions to stand out, speak up and be remarkable. He’s transformed the business landscape over three decades, challenging the status quo and demonstrating how making a lasting impact starts by seeing things differently. And he’s ready to show you how.

"How dare you settle for less when the world has made it so easy for you to be remarkable?"
- Seth Godin

With his trademark enthusiasm and practical approach to leadership, business and marketing, his upcoming tour is part of a greater mission: to show people what’s possible and how effective marketing can take you from ordinary and extraordinary. 

In May 2020, he’ll be sharing insights from his extensive experience, and answering audience questions with real world examples, strategies and tools delegates can implement in their own businesses immediately. 

Through an analysis of the best-sellers that have changed our culture, he’ll explain why the riskiest thing you can do is be safe, and show you how to spread ideas that earn attention and make a statement.

Seth has always seen things differently, taken big swings, and shown us what’s possible when we challenge what we think we know. 

Now it’s your turn to be remarkable. 


Learn from Seth Godin, author of 19 books including Purple Cow: Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable, Linchpin: Are You Indispensable and This is Marketing, live on stage. The early bird price is available for a limited time and tickets are now on sale. 

Melbourne: 18th May, 2020
Sydney: 19th May, 2020
Auckland: 20th May, 2020


Early bird tickets available here.