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Help for Senior Leaders in Stressful Workplaces

Live virtual Senior Leadership Program led by executive coach and strategist John Spence


Challenged by changes at work? Dealing with stressed and disengaged teams? You're not alone.

51% of hybrid workers in Australia and New Zealand are experiencing daily stress. 44% are 'watching for' or 'actively seeking' a new job.

When asked what they want, employees tell Gallup they want more autonomy, more approachable managers, clearer goals, and stronger guidance. (Gallup 2023)

As the workplace transforms, so too must the senior executive teams tasked with fostering an environment where their teams thrive.

This is where our live virtual Senior Leadership Program led by executive coach and strategist John Spence hits home. Beginning October 11 and running as 4 x 90 minute sessions over four weeks, the short, sharp program will strongly resonate with busy senior executive teams. Scroll down for details of what’s covered in the program.

John Spence's Executive Coach Credentials:

John has been recognised as one of the Top 100 Business Thought Leaders in America, one of the Top 100 Small Business Influencers in America, one of the Top 50 Small Business Experts in America, and one of the top 500 Leadership Development Experts in the World.

  1. Vast Experience: With over three decades of experience working with Fortune 500 companies, John Spence brings a wealth of practical knowledge to his coaching sessions. Senior executives can trust that his advice is rooted in real-world business challenges.
  2. Proven Success: Spence has a track record of helping organisations achieve remarkable results. His coaching has contributed to significant revenue growth, improved team dynamics, and enhanced leadership effectiveness. Senior executives can have confidence in his ability to drive positive change.
  3. Adaptability: Spence is an expert on business adaptability. He also understands that each organisation is unique. His coaching approach is itself highly adaptable, and he will interact with participants in the Senior Leadership Program to address the specific needs and goals of the senior executive teams he's working with.

Senior Leadership Program

John Spence’s ability to address complex and challenging subjects in a straightforward manner will ensure each session offers tangible takeaways senior leaders can immediately put into action.

Module 1: People: The Heart of Your Business Session: Wednesday 11th October @ 11.00am - 12.15pm (AEDT)

In this session, John Spence highlights the critical role that people play in the success of any organisation. He emphasises that attracting, retaining, and developing top talent is essential. Senior executives will learn to view their employees as the backbone of their business, recognising that human capital is the driving force behind organisational success.

Spence shares seven key factors that top employees seek in an organisation, emphasising the importance of professional development and continuous learning. Executives will also gain insights into crafting strategies to nurture loyalty and foster career progression within their teams.

Module 2: Cultivating a Winning Organisational Culture Session: Wednesday 25th October @ 11.00am - 12.15pm (AEDT)

A thriving organisational culture is not accidental but intentional. In this session, John Spence provides executives with a blueprint for building a winning culture. By understanding the nine core elements of an exemplary culture, senior leaders can create an environment where employees are engaged, loyal, and take ownership of their work.

Spence will discuss mechanisms to foster enthusiasm and commitment among employees while helping them embrace change. This module equips executives with the tools to shape a culture that drives success and adapts to a fast-changing business environment.

Module 3: Extreme Customer Focus: A Massive Strategic Advantage Session: Wednesday 8th November @ 11.00am - 12.15pm (AEDT)

In today's business world, customer-centricity is paramount. John Spence's session on extreme customer focus provides senior executives with the strategies and techniques needed to dominate the market and create highly loyal customers.

Spence will showcase the importance of owning the voice of the customer, enabling organisations to engage, understand, and cater to their needs effectively. He also discusses the critical moments of truth in customer interactions and how to optimise them for turning customers into brand ambassadors.

Executives will discover steps to foster brand loyalty that goes beyond mere satisfaction, cultivating a customer base that advocates for their brand.

Module 4: Disciplined Execution & Unwavering Accountability Session: Wednesday 22nd November @ 11.00am - 12.15pm (AEDT)

Driving results requires disciplined execution and unwavering accountability. John Spence's final module focuses on these vital principles. Executives will learn a structured approach to instil and maintain a culture of responsibility within their organisations, driving high-performance teams.

Spence emphasises the role of leadership in setting the tone and being a living example of the culture and personal accountability. The session also explores effective meeting cadence to ensure continuous momentum in strategy execution.

Additionally, executives will gain insights into using the "Four Pieces of Paper," a powerful tool for addressing underperforming employees.

John Spence with Book - BLOG

John Spence's Thought Leadership:

Strategic Thinking: John Spence is renowned for his expertise in strategic thinking. For senior executives, Spence's insights provide a framework for making critical decisions, aligning teams, and driving the company's vision forward.

Leadership Excellence: In his book Awesomely Simple, Spence underscores the significance of leadership excellence. He encourages leaders to lead by example and cultivate a culture of accountability and high performance.

Customer Focus: Spence places a strong emphasis on understanding and exceeding customer expectations. Spence's customer-focused principles can guide executive teams in delivering exceptional value to their clients.

Continuous Improvement: The concept of continuous improvement is at the heart of Spence's philosophy. He advocates for a culture of learning, innovation, and adaptability. Senior executives can benefit from his insights by fostering a growth mindset within their organisations and staying ahead of industry trends.


Take Your Leadership Team To Another Level


Specifically curated for CEOs and top-tier managers and executives, our Senior Leadership Program distills the wisdom of the world’s most respected researchers and authors, such as Jim Collins, on the essential skills for leadership excellence.

Facilitator John Spence’s approach, which revolves around making the complex easy, will empower CEOs to not just learn, but to develop actionable strategies.

If you're a CEO, or aspire to be one, our Senior Leadership Program promises a transformative experience. Because, as former CEO and Chair of PepsiCo Indra Nooyi aptly put it, the success of the leader reflects the success of the entire organisation.


"The distance between number one and number two is always a constant. If you want to improve the organization, you have to improve yourself and the organization gets pulled up with you." – Indra Nooyi



1.     Gallup "State of the Workplace" - 2023 Report

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