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Michelle Obama

An Evening with Michelle Obama: Highlights from an Incredible Night

Michelle Obama shares her experiences in Singapore

Michelle Obama

Only an exceptional storyteller could make an event with thousands of audience members feel like an intimate conversation. Michelle Obama, who has inspired millions with her message of inclusion and equality for all, did just that, as she spoke candidly about her life’s work.

As The Growth Faculty’s launch event in Singapore, An Evening with Michelle Obama set the tone for an exciting new chapter in our ongoing journey. It was the first of many events in the region to come. 

Michelle Obama, Trailblazer and Leader 

While many of the topics were serious in nature, including descriptions of a sometimes challenging childhood, dealing with imposter syndrome, and overcoming personal attacks of character, Michelle Obama exuded warmth, humour and perspective, making her not just a compelling speaker, but an inspirational force to be reckoned with. 

Moderator Corinna Lim guided the conversation through all its tangents, well versed on issues surrounding gender equality, diversity and human rights. Her position as Executive Director of AWARE (Association of Women for Action and Research), as well as her experience practicing law, gave the two common ground and an equal passion for such crucial work. The conversation was of a similar tone to her book, Becoming, which is to say it was authentic, open, and demonstrated how our struggles make us stronger.

Overcoming Challenges and Becoming

Throughout the night, audiences listened to stories from all aspects of Michelle Obama’s fascinating life, including her childhood, family life, world-class education and what it taught her, and of course, her time as First Lady of the United States of America.

Her applauded slogan famously declared during a time of partisan tension, resonated then, and still resonates now, with millions around the world. When they go low, we go high articulated a sentiment so many felt, and it doesn’t get any higher than facing the most difficult times with grace and humility. 

She also shared intimate memories of the moment she met her future husband, President Barack Obama, as well as the challenges they overcame together. The two make a formidable pair and continue to work together, as well as individually, on projects and other ventures. Their relationship and her time as First Lady of the United States of America is detailed in her book, Becoming, among many other topics. 

The role she is certainly most proud of, however, is that of mother to her two daughters, Malia and Sasha. Raising children in the spotlight was no easy feat, but normalising a very unique lifestyle was paramount. She also spoke candidly of her experience with IVF treatments, and expressed how important it is for a public figure like herself, to share these difficult stories. 

The Future Looks Bright 

A hard act to follow, The Growth Faculty's first event in Singapore was an incredible evening of storytelling, teachable moments and human connection. Defender of rights, ally to the disadvantaged and inspiration to millions, as Michelle Obama left the stage there was a sense of hope in the room, for a brighter future and a better tomorrow. Becoming, as the title of her book suggests, the calibre of people we know we can be. 


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