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Event Highlight: Mastering Creative Problem Solving

Singularity University's Kyle Hermans: Activate Your Ability To Solve Any Problem

Today’s business demands teamwork, speed and innovation. Creativity and collaboration is essential to getting things done, whether it’s inside or outside your organisation. Innovative solutions are needed to develop new products, ignite brands, cut costs, generate new wealth and thrive in chaos and disruption. 


Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Be Courageous, teacher at the world-acclaimed Singularity University and member of the Forbes Business Council, Kyle Hermans joined The Growth Faculty to share his science-backed, data-driven and time-proven framework for creative problem solving.


Critical skills to allow you and your team to: 

  • Pinpoint problems quickly  
  • Capture innate creativity 
  • Harness expert knowledge 
  • Drive innovation strategy 
  • Execute effectively 


Watch a highlight from Kyle's highly practical virtual masterclass now.


This masterclass is part of our Time For Transformation series; especially designed for business leaders - we source the world's renowned thought leaders in change and innovation to equip leaders to pivot, adapt and innovate in these unprecedented times. See who's up next.