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Lockdown learning – how to lift your prospects from your home office


It’s hard to see lockdowns as anything but devastating.

But as in any crisis, the artful will find opportunity.

One such opportunity is “lockdown learning.”

Lockdown learning is being proactive and using online learning to lift yourself out of the doldrums.

It exercises your mind. It improves your mood. It cuts down those trips to the fridge in search of chocolate (you finished it yesterday, remember?)

Learning lightens stress and lifts spirits

A 2018 LinkedIn survey found employees who spent time learning were:

·       47% less likely to be stressed,

·       39% more likely to feel productive and successful,

·       23% more ready to take on additional responsibilities,

·       and 21% more likely to feel confident and happy.

With so many of us set up remotely, lockdown learning is a great, low-cost initiative for employee engagement and wellbeing.

Here are 3 more reasons we could all do with some lockdown learning:

Lockdown learning makes valuable use of our time

One of the great quotes from Adam Grant (a committed learner) is:

“I think of productivity as using your time to accomplish things of value to you and others.”

Without external stimuli, lockdowns seem to offer endless stretches of time. Using that time to learn is valuable, and great companies know it. 

A Bersin & Associates study of “high-impact” companies found they:

·       Invested more than $1000 and about 20 hours per employee per year on professional and learning development (versus 15.3 hours per employees for average organisations).

·       Outsourced more learning services — allocating 20 percent of their training budgets to external providers vs. a U.S. average of 14 percent.

Lockdown learning improves your adaptability

Lockdown is a great time to commit to becoming that most adaptable of beings - the lifelong learner.

John Spence, author of Awesomely Simple, told the Growth Faculty: 

·       The average businessperson reads a half a book a year. If you were to read one book every other month (6 books a year) you'd be in the top 1% of the country you live in.

·       If you read one book a month, you'd be in the top 1% in the world for self-learning.

·       If you got your team to read books (or take masterclasses or equivalent) you’d see a huge impact on your adaptability.

Lockdown learning suits our hybrid selves

At the start of the pandemic, regular workplace learning ground to a halt.

But the sudden shift to digital found many of us thriving in this more fragmented learning ecosystem (Human Resource Executive).

Online learning options, such as the Growth Faculty’s leadership pass (offering live masterclasses and on-demand author talks) match our lack of appetite for commuting, our love of flexi-time, ongoing cash constraints, and changed business priorities and goals.

It also offers variety, something sorely lacking in lockdown.

As Forbes says, in web-based learning “the choice of subjects a learner can tackle is limitless, and L&D teams can easily curate specialised programs.”



It’s easy to tread water in lockdown.

But we must fight the over-riding urge to press the pause button while we wait for the lockdown to end.

Home-exercising the body is great for our mental health, longevity, and silhouette. 

In the same vein, professional development during lockdown can kickstart those benefits for your mental health, career longevity, and self-esteem.

As Jim Collins, author of Good to Great, has said:

"As the company makes its journey you need to make your own (leadership) journey."

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