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pat and karen

Karen Beattie presents Leadership keynote for IPA Conference

Growth Faculty's pivot story frames Karen's The Changing Face of Leadership keynote

pat and karen

Drawing from her experience and events with global speakers including Jim Collins, President Obama, Adam Grant, Liz Wiseman, Stephen M.R. Covey, Brené Brown, Pat Lencioni (pictured above with Karen at a Growth Faculty event) and Michael Dell, Managing Director of Growth Faculty Karen Beattie presented The Changing Face of Leadership keynote at the Industry Partners Australia 2022 National Conference.

150 IPA delegates attended from IPA’s membership base, which includes local and global companies like Unilever, Volvo, Incitec Pivot, Kellogg’s, Snowy Hydro, Bayer, and Darrell Lea.

As Growth Faculty’s founder, Karen shared her extraordinary story of business survival in the pandemic, and the 10 leadership qualities deemed critical by our global speakers.

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This was the first time Karen had spoken on stage about Growth Faculty’s pivot to virtual events during the pandemic. Her story is also featured in the November issue of The CEO Magazine.

“I founded the Growth Faculty back in 2003 to give the Australian business community access to the world’s greatest business thinkers.

“We started small with Michael Gerber, author of The E-Myth, and over the years the profile of our speakers and the nature of our events grew.

“In February 2020 we were four weeks away from our largest event ever with none other than Simon Sinek. 12,000 delegates registered for 3 events. All sold out.”

But the pandemic forced a heart-breaking decision.

“We cancelled the event on the 11 March. The government closed venues on the 13th of March.”

Faced with the loss of 98% of her company’s revenue from in-person events, Karen rang the speaker best placed to help…transformation expert and CEO of Shift Thinking Mark Bonchek.

“Two things he said to me:

1.    To transform what you do, you need to transform HOW YOU THINK”

2.    Everything you need is already inside you”.  

Karen told the IPA audience of leaders that the conversation led her to ask different questions.

“What if we didn’t have to rely on live in person events to survive? What would we need to do as a business? What would it take?”

The shift in Karen’s thinking led to the launch of the Growth Faculty Pass, an annual subscription giving leaders and their teams access to 40 plus live virtual events over 12 months, plus a leadership library of on demand content. 

Around 9000 leaders across the globe now access the world’s best business thinkers on current and critical topics. 

“Over the past two years, we’ve had the privilege of hearing first-hand the challenges that leaders face and the skills that they require. 

“We’ve designed our learning program to address those needs. We had to give our community exactly what they needed for them to survive and for us to grow.”

Karen told the IPA conference delegates that what is needed in great leadership hasn’t changed. She set out the main challenges facing leaders today, and how being intentional in developing leadership skills and qualities was the only way to take team performance to greater heights.

“Those without a strong culture and high performing teams are at risk. If you don’t build these qualities, it will have a more dramatic impact and businesses will be more exposed.

“The business environment is more extreme. And it’s here to stay. It is naive to expect this is future work – it is modern work!”  

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Image: Patrick Lencioni at an in-person event for Growth Faculty


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