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Dangerously inspiring quotes from Brené Brown and Seth Godin

Motivational quotes to change your life from 2 disruptive TED Talk speakers

Can an inspiring quote change your life? 

A motivational quote certainly changed research professor Brené Brown's

One day she was casually googling information about U.S. Presidents, when, she recalls, ".....a quote comes up." 

She says it set her free (dangerously so, according to her husband Steve). 

Here's Brené take on Theodore Roosevelt's powerful quote, from 1910: 
It's not the critic who counts;
It's not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles;
Or where  the doer of deeds could have done it better;
The credit belongs to the person who's actually is in the arena;
Whose face is marred with blood and sweat and dust;
Who at the best, in the end, knows the triumph of high achievement, and who at worst, if he fails, he fails daring greatly. 


(Brené Brown tells The Growth Faculty audience a quote changed her life. Image: CEO Magazine) 

Brené says the moment she read it she closed her laptop....and "3 huge things shifted in me."

1. "......It is not about winning. It is not about losing. It is about showing up and be seen."

2. "....This is who I want to be. I want to create. I want to show up and be seen in my work and my life. [And, when you do that] the only certainty is that you will get your ass kicked." 

3. "....If you're not in the arena, also getting your ass kicked, I'm not interested in your feedback." 

As I said, Brené claims the quote literally changed her life.

Similarly, an inspiring quote by Seth Godin also changed the life of Bryan Elliott, host of YouTube's Behind the Brand, who was struggling personally and in business.

(Seth Godin's quote changed host Bryan Elliott's life. Image: Bryan Elliott)

He was venting to Godin, who leaned over and told him "There is no Prince Charming in this story. There is no rescue boat. No-one's coming. Stop waiting to get picked." 

Elliott says in that moment his whole point of view changed.

"I realised I was playing the victim. I felt like one. I became a survivor, it changed my life."

(Netflix and TED Talk star Brené Brown and "King of Marketing" Seth Godin - both famous for wise words.)

In this complex world, we need the world's wisest people to bring out our best selves, such as assuming others are doing the best they can

Perhaps one of these 22 motivational quotes from 2 of the world's bestselling authors will hit a nerve.
It might change your life, make you dangerous...or just shake out the cobwebs. 

"You can't win by being more average than average." - Seth Godin 

"Being ourselves sometimes means having the courage to stand alone." - Brené Brown


"Either you're the creator or you're the audience. Either you're waiting your turn or you're taking it." - Seth Godin  

"Choose courage over comfort." - Brené Brown


"Your story is a symphony, not a note." - Seth Godin

"True belonging doesn't require you to change who you are, it requires you to be who you are." - Brené Brown


Brene Brown Australia

"You will either be judged (or ignored)." - Seth Godin (Brené shared this quote on Facebook - "love this"  she said) 

"When we define ourselves by what everyone thinks, it's hard to be brave." - Brené Brown


"Not starting is far far worse than being wrong." - Seth Godin 

"Just because someone failed to see the value in what we can create or achieve doesn't change its worth or ours." - Brené Brown

(Image: Seth Godin - author of 19 worldwide bestsellers including Purple Cow, Tribes, This is Marketing)

"If it wasn't a mystery, it would be easy. If it were easy, it wouldn't be worth much." - Seth Godin 

"Do not think that you can be brave with your work and your life and not disappoint anyone. It doesn't work that way." - Brené Brown


"You are not your resume. You are your work. If the game is designed for you to lose, don't play that game. Play a different one." - Seth Godin 

"Let go of who you think you're supposed to be. Embrace who you are." - Brené Brown


 "The only way to be indispensable is to be different. That's because if you're the same, so are plenty of other people." - Seth Godin 

"When you push a "fitting in" culture, you miss the opportunity to help people find their personal drive." - Brené Brown


"Winners quit often, quit fast, and quit without guilt." - Seth Godin 

"Daring is saying I know I will eventually fail and I'm still all in." - Brené Brown


"Go. Make something happen." - Seth Godin

"At the end of day, at the end the week, at the end of my life, I want to be able to say that I contributed more than I criticised." - Brené Brown


 "Reject the tyranny of picked. Pick yourself." - Seth Godin

"We are worthy of love and belonging right now. This minute. As is." -  Brené Brown


Hope you're feeling inspired. 
Now, to quote Seth,'s your turn

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