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james clear and atomic habits book

How Your Daily Habits Build Motivation (Not The Other Way Round)

Motivate yourself in 2023 with James Clear’s Atomic Habits

james clear and atomic habits book

“I just don’t feel motivated.” How often have you waited for motivation to complete a task or chore?

You’re not alone. Many entrepreneurs and professionals struggle to maintain motivation and productivity in the face of the constant “noise” in our lives. But lacking motivation is dangerous.

It can lead to:

·       Delayed or unfinished projects and missed opportunities.

·       Difficulty making progress and a sense of a lack of direction.

·       Procrastination leading to a backlog of work.

·       Increased stress and burnout as unmet responsibilities pile up.

·       Diminished self-belief and confidence.

However, the secret to sustained success lies not in relying solely on motivation, but in cultivating powerful habits that drive consistent action.

In his groundbreaking book, "Atomic Habits," James Clear reveals the transformative potential of habits and their intricate relationship with motivation. (Read our summary of his recent in-person events for Growth Faculty).

Habits and Motivation: The Dynamic Duo

Motivation is often considered the driving force behind success, but it can be fickle and unreliable.

We've all experienced bursts of motivation that quickly fade away (hello gym!), leaving us feeling stuck and unproductive. This is where habits step in as powerful allies.

Habits provide a structure that bypasses the need for constant motivation and allows us to make progress consistently. By forming positive habits, we create automatic routines that keep us on track, even when motivation wanes.

As one of our favourite quotes from James Clear attests, one of the most surprising things about motivation is that it often comes after starting a new behaviour, not before.

“Motivation is often the result of action, not the cause of it.” – James Clear

Tip: Start doing something, anything, instead of waiting to feel motivated.


Routine and Habits: The Blueprint for Success

Don’t leave success to chance.

As James says, if your business doesn’t have a system for marketing, then you’ll show up at work crossing your fingers that you’ll find a way to get the word out (in addition to everything else you have to do).

Successful individuals recognise the importance of establishing a routine that supports their goals. A routine provides structure and predictability, minimising decision fatigue and freeing up mental energy for more important tasks.

By incorporating productive habits into your daily routine, you create a framework for success. James Clear explains that habits are like the building blocks of a solid routine. They enable you to perform necessary actions effortlessly, making progress a natural consequence of your behaviour.

Tip: Set a schedule and stick to it. Amateurs wait until they feel inspired or motivated.

The Goldilocks Rule: Finding the Perfect Balance

One of the key concepts in "Atomic Habits" is the Goldilocks Rule. This rule suggests that for a habit to stick, it needs to be neither too easy nor too difficult.

If a habit is too easy, it may not challenge us enough to create meaningful change. On the other hand, if a habit is too difficult, we may become discouraged and give up.

By identifying the sweet spot of challenge within our habits, we can maintain a steady level of motivation and steadily progress towards our goals.

James Clear will delve deeper into this rule during our upcoming event, providing actionable strategies for implementing it in your professional life.

Tip: Make your routine incredibly easy to start. Gradually transition to tasks that are not too hard, not too easy, but just right.

Building Motivation: The Habit Loop

Understanding how motivation works is crucial to unleashing its full potential. As we saw earlier, motivation often arises after taking action, rather than before. This is where the habit loop comes into play.

According to James Clear, the habit loop consists of four steps: cue, craving, response, and reward.

“Whenever you want to change your behaviour, you can simply ask yourself:

·       How can I make it obvious? (the cue)

·       How can I make it attractive? (the craving)

·       How can I make it easy? (the response)

·       How can I make it satisfying?” (the reward)”

Over time, our brains begin to associate the cue with the reward, increasing our desire to repeat the routine. By leveraging the habit loop, we can build and sustain motivation for long-term success. 

Tip: Think of ways these 4 laws of behaviour change can apply in your business.

Habits Over Motivation: The Real Game-Changer

While motivation is essential, relying solely on it is a risky strategy. Motivation can fluctuate, and external circumstances can easily derail it.

On the other hand, habits provide a solid foundation that helps us weather the storms of uncertainty.

By focusing on making habits stick rather than relying on motivation, we create a system that sustains our progress even in the absence of external motivation.

“There’s no debating or decision making. Lack of motivation doesn't matter. You just follow the pattern.” – James Clear

James Clear's insights on habit formation and the power of systems will equip you with the tools to outperform your competition and achieve remarkable results.

Tip: Decide today to stop the procrastination. It can become a recurring habit that hinders productivity and prevents you from achieving your goals and dreams.

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