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equality written on typewriter

IWD 2023 - What does Gender Equality mean to you?

Growth Faculty staff share how they’re embracing gender equality

equality written on typewriter

This week we celebrate International Women’s Day when the world spotlight is trained on gender equality. In a moment we share what gender equality means to the team here at Growth Faculty, and how each of us plan to embrace it in 2023.

But first, let’s see why gender equality remains a critical issue in 2023:

·       Human rights: Gender equality is a fundamental human right. Every individual, regardless of their gender, should be entitled to the same rights, opportunities, and protections.

·       Economic development: Gender equality is essential for economic growth and development. Studies have shown that when women are empowered and have equal access to education, employment, and entrepreneurship, they can significantly contribute to economic growth.

·       Social justice: Gender equality promotes social justice and fairness by ensuring that all individuals are treated with equal dignity and respect. This is especially important in areas such as education, healthcare, and political representation.

·       Health and wellbeing: Gender equality is critical to ensuring the health and wellbeing of all individuals. This includes access to reproductive health services, safe childbirth, and adequate nutrition, among other things.

·       Sustainable development: Gender equality is crucial to achieving sustainable development. In the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) established by the United Nations in 2015, goal 5 is "Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls." The SDGs recognise that action in one area will affect outcomes in others, so gender equality is vital to acheiving other sustainability goals.

Note: Gender equality is about the same rights. Gender equity is about everyone achieving equal outcomes. According to the Australian Human Rights Commission, we need to look at what individual people and communities need in order to achieve equity.

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As you can see, gender equality is vitally important for many reasons. But what does gender equality mean to the Growth Faculty team? 

We asked staff two questions:

·       “What does gender equality mean to you?”

·       “How will you embrace gender equality in 2023?”

Here are some of the responses so far:

Opportunities without bias

"Gender equality in simple terms is performance-based recognition and opportunities without bias. We all have a role to play, we can all offer value. We can achieve so much more together.

“I will embrace gender equality by continuing to encourage colleagues and clients. " - Troy

The pinnacle of society

“Gender equality would symbolise the pinnacle of society. Humans instinctively respond with mistrust and hostility to groups perceived as different, and we have the capacity in 2023 to resist those behaviours and challenge cognitive biases.

“I will embrace equality by educating myself, examining my own biases, and speaking out against discrimination!” - Robby

Makes the world a better place

“To me, gender equality means that - regardless of gender - everyone has the means and opportunity to contribute their unique talents to making this world a better place. Equality runs across and within genders.

“International Women's Day is a call to all women to support other women who could benefit from their experience, expertise, imagination and encouragement to achieve their potential.” - Anne-Marie

It’s utopia

"Gender equality means benefits for all. It's utopia. And therefore, all genders should be fighting for fairness for each other.

“I will embrace equality by talking positively about the benefits of equality and supporting charities which support women. We're all in this together.” - Christine

It’s summed up by the word ‘equality’

“Gender equality for me is summed up by the word 'equality'. If you genuinely believe in that word, you open yourself up to receive insight, creativity, fun, laughter and successful adventure from a much wider pool of humanity.

“I try to embrace equality by being open and curious.” - Todd

It’s not about Women vs Men

“For me, gender equality is not about women versus men (or gender vs gender), it's about providing all genders equal opportunity in ALL aspects of life.

“I plan to embrace equality through my actions, one of which will be sharing resources and articles on my social channels on how others can get involved in the movement!” - Eliza

Equal rights, responsibilities and opportunities

“When everyone, regardless of their sex, has equal rights, responsibilities, and opportunities at every step of the way.

“I will embrace equity by rejecting chauvinist and racist attitudes.” - Ankit

It’s a human right

“Gender equality is a human right, where all genders and people are connected, treated and celebrated equally." - Jamie

Same opportunity for growth and success

“Everyone has a right to be treated fairly and be given the same opportunity for growth and success in life regardless of gender.

“We can all embrace gender equality by working to acknowledge, identify and work to remove our unconscious biases in our decision-making process." - Adam

All people heard equally

“It means that no matter what gender your body or mind desires to have, your voice, your opinions, and your voice will be heard equally.” - Aylser


In summary, gender equality is important in 2023 and beyond because it is a fundamental human right, promotes economic development, promotes social justice and fairness, ensures health and well-being, and is crucial to achieving sustainable development.

We can all embrace gender equality by being aware of our own biases and working on ourselves and the processes around us to eliminate them. We can call out behaviours that don’t serve the cause of gender equality. We can support women and be vocal in that support. And we can continue to be curious and learn more, knowing education is the first step to advocacy. 

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