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Agile Leadership in Times of Change and Disruption

Key actions for agile leadership during change

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2024 is proving to be a year of immense global change - from the 40 elections happening around the world and mounting global conflicts, to digital disruption, climate challenges, and economic uncertainty.

Business leaders need an agile leadership mindset. Here we discuss key actions leaders can take, plus live virtual masterclasses you can book with Growth Faculty to help you with change management:

·       Lena Ross and Dr Jen Frahm – Agile Leadership: Navigating Change and the Unknown (Northern Hemisphere February 28, 2024 and Southern Hemisphere timezone April 3, 2024)

·       Kevin Lawrence – Avoid Danger Zones and Drive Growth (March 6, 2024)

·       Reset Your Workplace Culture panel discussion (March 12, 2024)

Free download: Business Case for a Strong Work Culture 

Key actions for agile leadership

Communicate often

As leadership coach Mark Green said to our accountability masterclass, until your team literally rolls their eyes and finishes your sentences for you, you’re not repeating yourself enough. Explain company priorities and how global events may impact strategy. Be open about challenges and plans to address them.

Listen and empathise

Understand individual team members' worries and pressures. As the author of “The Advice Trap” Michael Bungay Stanier told our communication masterclass, the key to taming your 'advice monster' is to ask more questions, offer less advice. Make yourself available for 1-on-1s.

Support wellbeing

Encourage holidays to avoid burnout. Lead self-care by example e.g. through meditation, exercise breaks.

Upskill for the future

Provide training opportunities and reap the benefits of learning and development (L&D) to future-proof skills. Embrace a growth mindset.

Promote collaboration

Bring teams together, brainstorm innovations and solutions. Diversity of thought is proven to lead to better ideas. WorkLife and ReThinking podcaster Adam Grant is an authority on how to bring out the potential in teams. He will be in Australia for two in-person shows from February 20, 2024. Tickets available now.


Empower decision-making

As Harvard Business School professor Amy Edmondson told us in an interview on her book “Right Kind of Wrong,” empower people to speak up. Push decision making to the edges of your organisation, equip people to make local choices quickly.

Review priorities

Be ready to change course rapidly when global factors require it. Take feedback from the full team to guide changes.

Model resilience

Stay calm in challenging moments. Focus energy on solutions rather than frustrations. Our Emerging Leaders Program will teach resilience in one of the live virtual modules.


An agile leadership philosophy will help companies stay ahead of disruption in 2024 and beyond. Teams will feel supported during business transformation if leaders communicate with transparency, provide career development opportunities, support employee wellness and model resilient leadership.

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About Adam Grant


Adam Grant is a renowned organisational psychologist, bestselling author, and global influencer. As Wharton's top-rated professor for seven consecutive years, his expertise in motivation, generosity, original thinking, and rethinking has made him a leading authority in his field.


His five New York Times bestselling books Think Again, Give and Take, Originals, Option B, and Power Moves have resonated with millions of readers in 45 languages. His latest book is Hidden Potential.


With hugely successful TED talks and his TED podcasts WorkLife and ReThinking, plus a substantial social media following and popular monthly newsletter, Adam Grant is one of the world's most inspiring thinkers and speakers.

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