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Jack Daly

What a laser sales focus looks like in 2019

5 laws for sales success from the master Jack Daly

“Half of sales success has nothing to do with product, price, service, strategies, or tactics. Rather, it has to do with getting up in the morning and saying ‘I’m going out and kicking some serious butt today’.”  - Jack Daly, Hyper Sales Growth.


Sales training expert Jack Daly has worked with hundreds of companies, including GE, Inc. Magazine, Commonwealth Bank, Dow, and Deloitte. He is one of the most consistently popular speakers presented by The Growth Faculty, and returns to the Eastern seaboard in July this year.  

Daly says it's crucial for salespeople to have the right attitude. 

In Chapter 11 of his book Hyper Sales Growth, Jack Daly spells out five foundational laws for self-renewal:  

The law of self-discipline

Daly says salespeople are not good at managing their time. They tend to be more reactive than proactive. He says being disciplined and focused on activities can make a huge improvement.

One way to do this is to calculate how much you make per hour, he says.

“If I make $100 an hour and after five minutes with a prospect I can see it’s going nowhere, I would be better served to cut that conversation short and be on my way. But many salespeople, having finally found someone who wants to talk to them, will log half an hour even with a poor prospect. That half hour costs $50.”

  • Time is money, and you should understand how you’re spending your money. In other words, take care of how you spend your time.

  • At least three times a day ask this question: “Is what I’m doing right now the highest valued activity I could be working on?”

The law of responsibility

You are responsible for the outcomes you experience.

Daly quotes motivational speaker Zig Ziglar: “If it’s meant to be, it’s up to me.”

Daly recalls talking to 20 sales associates performing in the bottom quartile.

“These people talked about the poor economy; they talked about not having enough products; they talked about the price being high; they talked about lousy customer service,” he remembers. “But with the same product, same price, same service, same economy,…. 650 other people did 67 per cent of the sales because they understood the law of responsibility.”

The law of attraction

If you really believe you can do something, or have something, or be somebody, you will create the circumstances and find the people to allow you to do, have and be.

Daly cites the story of Walt Disney, who approached 307 banks before finding one who would back his plan to build the “happiest place on Earth.”  

The law of expectations

What happens in our lives is directly related to what we expect will happen. We are what we think we are.

If you think it’s near impossible to reach a sales target, it’s likely, says Jack, that you will not reach that target.

But, raise the bar. Tell yourself or your sales staff that a high number of sales is achievable, even expected, and the law of expectations will govern your results, he says.


The law of belief

The last law is the law of belief. A belief is a guiding factor, principle, passion, or faith that provides direction in life. As Jack Daly puts it: What is your stake in the ground?

Daly tells how he interviewed 200 successful people at a golf course when he was 13 years old. He put in writing a game plan of where he wanted to be in four areas of his life by age 30, financially, professionally, educationally, personally.  He said that he knew that if he held himself accountable to his plan, he would succeed.

That’s his law of belief, that’s his guiding principle. To this day, Jack Daly still puts in writing his goals, and publishes them to stay accountable. To see his incredible goals for 2019, click here.




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