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What Inspires Us About Malala? 20 of the best answers

How Nobel laureate Malala Yousafzai affects those who see her

From her sense of humour to her making parents want to do a better job, the 21-year-old gunshot survivor and human rights activist left a strong impression on audiences, at our events An Evening with Malala Yousafzai in Sydney and Melbourne.

To understand the impact of Malala's appearance, The Growth Faculty team asked the question (via The Growth Faculty app available at the App or Google Play store): What inspires you about Malala? We received an overwhelming response from the 13,000 attendees. Here are 20 of the best. 

What inspires me about Malala? 
  1. Her sense of humour in the face of adversity.  There is not an ounce of victim in her vocabulary, just passion for change;  
  2. Her unswerving commitment to improving the lives of girls globally through education;            
  3. Malala’s positive outlook inspires me not to give up, and to believe that anything is possible, like me being here today from Kenya;             
  4. She is a fighter! Inspiring so many others to speak up and not be afraid!            
  5. Do not let your age stop you from changing the world - Malala's comment tonight.  Completely relevant to my company - thank you Malala            
  6. If more women pick up the torch from the flame of courage Malala has ignited they will rid the world of poverty and inequality!             
  7. Her unwavering beliefs and passion. She will stand for her cause until she cannot stand anymore and for that, I am inspired;        
  8. "Don't clip her wings" - she's a reminder that we can all make a difference by empowering and enabling others             
  9. We all have a voice. Malala used hers with dignity, purpose and sincerity. That is inspiring.            
  10. As a 11 y.o boy, I'm inspired most by her courage to stand up for her beliefs even while her own life was at risk. Wow!             
  11. Malala is fierce and kind all at once. Her authenticity and sincerity combined with her tenacity and courage is what we need in our leaders.            
  12. Her courage. Malala shows us to speak up even if our voice shakes.             
  13. My partner has been incredibly inspired to be a dad as Malala's, for his strength to fight for his daughter's right to education.            
  14. When we lift up others we all rise higher - Malala is the brave saint that lives this truth and inspires millions to do the same.            
  15. Malala is inspiring because she is speaking up for the rights of those who have no voice. She bravely holds a lamp for girls to be educated.            
  16. Her unwavering commitment to her values even before she was recognised as a global sensation. When it was risky and without glamour.            
  17. You allow EVERY GIRL to see herself in you, regardless of age, socioeconomic status or race. You make us feel we ALL have the power.            
  18. Unlike most who are thrown a bad card in life, she's taken her card and used it to make a change; significant, unparallelled change.              
  19. From my 9 year old daughter here tonight "she got up and carried on". Malala's shown it just takes one voice to make change.            
  20. Malala’s a normal everyday girl who goes home to get her washing done - we can relate to that, and join her as world-changers too.            
Malala Yousafzai

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