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7 of our top Blogs: Brené Brown on assuming others are doing their best

Summaries of popular blogs and what they may reveal about you

Sheryl Sandberg blog image

Image: Sheryl Sanberg, COO, Facebook, features in our most popular blog

Overview: 7 popular blogs. Quick summaries set out below. 


Coffee in hand, I asked myself this morning: Can I create a fictional person using the subject lines of our popular blogs?

It might be insightful.

It could prove useful.

And, the idea amused me.

So, I took subject lines from 7 of our top blogs, created our avatar, and this is what I got. 

A tech industry CEO, identifying as a perfectionist but assuming the best of others, leads a successful team to pursue a courageous vision of a subscription-based model. 


Does that sound a bit like you? 

If so, hi, nice to finally meet you. You sound a lot like us.

If it's true to any extent, you'll enjoy those top 8 blogs listed below. And, 'cos I've had my coffee and I'm in a fine mood, I've added a quick summary under each.


One of our most popular blogs shows a strong fascination with Silicon Valley and the top dogs who reside there.

Kim Scott, former CEO coach at Dropbox and Twitter, worked with many of them, and told us about it in her book Radical Candor.

  • Be a time saver, not a time waster (lesson from Sheryl Sandberg, when at Google
  • Be relentless in your learning (lesson from Drew Houston, co-founder of Dropbox)
  • Just say it! (lesson in feedback from Kim Vorrath, team leader at Apple)
  • Let peers promote their colleagues, not managers (lesson from business operations lead Shona Brown at Google)
  • Be humble (surprising lesson from the late Steve Jobs at Apple)
  • Everyone notices what kind of mood the boss is in (lesson from Russ Laraway, former manager at Google)
  • Never be late for a meeting, and don’t tolerate tardiness in others (another lesson from Sheryl Sandberg when at Google)
  • Make work fun (lesson from Dick Costolo, former CEO of Twitter)
  • A boss that holds you back makes staff miserable (lesson from Larry Page, co-founder of Google)
  • You can’t give a damn about others if you don’t take care of yourself (lesson from Kim Scott herself, former CEO coach at Dropbox and Twitter)


One of the popular articles is about the research findings on perfectionism, from bestselling author and TED sensation Dr Brené Brown in the lead-up to her sold-out 2019 event hosted by The Growth Faculty. Read more about her Australian tour IN THE ARENA WITH BRENÉ BROWN: CHOOSING COURAGE OVER COMFORT.

What Brené Brown says perfectionism is:

Perfectionism is a self-destructive and addictive belief system.

Perfectionism is an unattainable goal.

Perfectionism is addictive.

Perfectionism sets us up to feel shame, judgement and blame.

What Brené Brown says perfectionism is not:

It’s not striving for excellence.

It’s not the self-protection we think it is. It’s a 20 tonne shield we lug around.

Perfectionism is not the key to success

Perfectionism is not a way to avoid shame.


Brené Brown asks if you've ever experienced one of these? 

  • Your client doesn’t ring you back, and you think they’re a time-waster.
  • Your friend cancels a bike ride, and you're convinced they take you for granted.
  • Your sales manager loses an account, and you view them as hopeless.
  • Your colleague asks you to pay the bill, and you assume they’re a tightwad.

Sounds familiar?

Then, it might be time to revisit the value of “assumption of positive intent.”

Read the full blog for how to do this....and it's HARD.7

This blog is one of the most popular in our Great Ideas series - interviews with bestseller business authors.  

Subscription model expert Tien Tzuo tells of a future where we won’t own anything, we’ll just subscribe to it.

Could you ever see yourself subscribing to your refrigerator, just like you do to Netflix?
What about a tractor, or a floor?
  • How would you sell a subscription to a floor? Put sensors in it, and sell access to the data. Smart floors are the ultimate connected device to detect what’s going on. (eg. pedestrian traffic information for schools and councils, and hospitals - who can, for example, tell if a patient has fallen).
  • How to get started: Don’t try to force yourself into a recurring model for day one. Just start with your customers. Use technology, get them to sign up for an ID, start tracking them (check their privacy wishes, have them opt in to use a service), and then see what are they actually doing.

Below, the old model, and a look at the new subcription model - from his book Subscribed.
Subscribed graphic


We’re big fans of Indra Nooyi here at The Growth Faculty.  

The former CEO of PepsiCo was our special guest for a prestigious evening business event in 2019. Quotes from the event here.

Indra Nooyi was twice named one of TIME magazine’s 100 Most Influential People, and is globally praised for her work ethic, intellect and prescient and strategic thinking. She's also got a good sense of humour, as some of these quotes show. 

  • Indra Nooyi's key lessons for leaders: Thank people - perhaps even the parents of your executive team (as she did!).
  • Keep learning throughout your career.
  • Develop a set of guiding principles.
  • Be authentic.
  • Don’t be afraid of change.
  • Don’t ignore your moral compass for results.
  • Stand firm for what you believe in.
  • Communicate your vision simply and often.
  • Walk the walk.
  • Innovate by learning.


Who doesn’t love an inspiring quote, and nobody inspires enthusiasm more than the TED sensation and 5 times #1 New York Times bestseller author Brené Brown.  

Here are some of our favourite Brené quotes from her book Dare to Lead.

Read more from our sold-out 2019 live event:  22 QUOTES TO INSPIRE YOU TO DARE TO LEAD FROM BRENÉ BROWN {FROM LIVE EVENT}

Cynicism and sarcasm are first cousins who hang out in the cheap seats.”

Studying leadership is way easier than leading.”

Self-compassion is an easy list to write, and a hard list to live.”

“I wish doing the right thing was the easy thing, but it rarely is.”

“Cynicism and sarcasm are bad in person, and even worse when they travel through email and text.

Brené Brown's wisdom on communication is also on show in this blog:  



An interview with Dean Robertson – whose whole team was invited to join Deloitte, after ranking in the Top 10 Best Places to Work in Australia, and being named Microsoft Partner of the Year.

  1. Here, some of Dean’s tips on what CEOs can do to improve team culture:Have a dogmatic vision about where the company is going and why.
  2. Never buy the “basic” drinks package for a team event, don’t scrimp in the quality of laptops.
  3. Delegate and trust.
  4. Hire for behavioural alignment with your whole team AND yourself.
  5. Be honest and open with the team about mistakes.
  6. Be humble about your own skills.
  7. Seek first to understand, people almost always have good intentions.

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5 takeaways in quotes from Simon Sinek:

“When you get the conditions right, trust and cooperation prevail. Leaders set the conditions.”

“Being a leader is nothing to do with being in charge but looking after those within your charge.”

“Everyone of us has the opportunity to be the leader we wish we had. So, be the leader you wish you had.”

“Becoming a mother is the best leadership training. You quickly understand it’s not all about you.”

“When culture is important we must hire slowly and fire rapidly. We usually do the opposite.”

And one more, just for the millennials…

“You’ve grown up in a world of instant gratification. Fantastic for shopping but terrible for love and for jobs.”

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