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Highlights from Simon Sinek LIVE

Simon Sinek knows how to draw a crowd, The Growth Faculty’s three city Start With Why leadership forum was no exception. The leadership summit saw a sellout crowd in Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland of 6000 people.

Supported by Peter Docker, Simon Sinek preached the Start With Why gospel; what it takes to create an environment where people wake up inspired to go to work and perform at their best.

No one was safe from the pains of writer’s cramp as Sinek spilled a rapid river of science based theories, aspirational vision and an actionable desire to be better.

Top Five Most Quotable Takeaways:
  • “When you get the conditions right, trust and cooperation prevail. Leaders set the conditions.”
  • “Being a leader is nothing to do with being in charge but looking after those within your charge.”
  • “Everyone of us has the opportunity to be the leader we wish we had. So, be the leader you wish you had.”
  • Becoming a mother is the best leadership training. You quickly understand it’s not all about you.”
  • “When culture is important we must hire slowly and fire rapidly. We usually do the opposite.”
And one more, just for the millennials…
  • “You’ve grown up in a world of instant gratification. Fantastic for shopping but terrible for love and for jobs.”

Perhaps most impressive was Simon Sinek’s Q&A session. Packed auditoriums of middle and executive management brought Sinek their curliest questions. Without skipping a beat, Sinek delivered answers that were entertaining, relevant and actionable.
What people are saying about Start With Why…

Sinek is the master of compelling messaging.  It was a funny and engaging presentation… I also felt the evangelical love for the man along with my 2000-plus friends.” - BandT Mag – Read more here

“If you weren’t impressed with him before the day you certainly would have been at the conclusion. His ability to have 1,500 people completely entranced is an understatement and the entire morning was delivered without fancy presentation slides or YouTube clips. What you got was Simon and a simple flipchart – magic.” – VRCLP – Read more here

Connecting the dots and driving implementation, Peter Docker took to the stage with a session full of poignant questions, tear jerking illustrations and action points for now.

Legacy points:
  • “The goal is to hire people who believe what you believe. Not just those who want a job.”
  • The concept of right to left thinking: “Looking to the past will give you incremental change but never a breakthrough.”
  • Adaptive leadership: “You may not be able to define the problem. But make the vision clear and you’ll empower people to solve it with you.”
For those behind the scenes it was the authenticity of Sinek and Docker’s backstage conduct that gave even greater weight to their theory based truths and tactical action points.
As Sinek said “Consistency is king. Leadership is a daily practice.”
Inspired to live what we’ve learned.

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