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Jack Daly

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“Start with Why” guy says Jack Daly is genius

“Jack understands better than most that if you look out for your people, and insist they look out for your customers, the result is unprecedented growth.” – Simon Sinek

When Jack Daly was seven years old, the boy who would one day be described as the best professional sales coach in America* found his “why”. 

He made potholders, and sold them to the mums and grandmothers in his neighbourhood.  But many girls were also selling potholders, and his customers were telling him they’d already bought a potholder from Mary, Sally and Susie.

“Yeah, but those are all girls,” he’d reply, “You’ve never bought a potholder made by a little boy. Would you like one, or two?”

As Jack said, he didn’t share the market, like the girls. He owned it, and, as he said in his book Hyper Sales Growth, “when you own the market, you can charge what you want.”

Jack Daly had a goal, and he went after that goal single-mindedly.  Setting challenging goals became his why. 

At 12 years old, he had five 11-year-olds working his paper run for him.

At 13 years old, as a golf caddy, he asked adults how they became successful.  “What would you tell a 13-year-old who wanted to be successful in life?” he would ask them.

Jack turned their best pieces of advice into goals. As a result of this, and hard work, he became phenomenally successful as an accountant and businessman. 

He is now an in-demand global sales training expert, presenting explosive workshops and working with hundreds of companies, including GE, Inc. Magazine, Commonwealth Bank, Dow, and Deloitte. 

As financial expert Peter Switzer recalls in his article Company of Experts, attendees of a talk Jack Daly did in Australia were “knocked out by his views on building better businesses. What he revealed has equal relevance for wealth builders as it does for business builders,” he wrote.

Jack credits three indispensable factors in building successful companies: 
  1. Vision.  You need to know where you want to go. Jack says a magnetic and compelling vision makes people become excited about what the company is all about. They look to the future, but also focus on today, so that the workforce gets as excited as the entrepreneur does.  The vision should be shared with co-workers, so they have no doubt about their role in how the company makes money.
  1. Key people in key spots. Jack says growing sales comes down to who is in charge of your sales force. He insists the CEO should not be the Sales Manager. Otherwise, basically both jobs are relegated to part-time status. Neither should it be your top salesperson. Neither should the Sales Manager book business. They should concentrate on recruiting, training, coaching, building, and developing.  Once the right Sales Manager is in place, Jack has a method for coaching a good attitude in sales staff, which he calls his 5 laws for self-renewal. 
  1. Culture. Jack Daly offers practical strategies for encouraging sales staff to wake up every morning saying “Hot damn, I get to work at a great place.”  One strategy is to prioritise the welcome party for the new staff member, over farewell parties for those who leave. Another is to empower staff to feel comfortable making decisions as if they were the owner. He cites 5 points of empowerment (CEO Rick Rose, author of How to make a Buck and Still Be a Human Being, would print these out on plastic business cards for all employees):
  • Is it right for the customer?
  • Is it right for our company?
  • Is it ethical?
  • Is it something for which you’re willing to be accountable?
  • Is it consistent with the company’s basic beliefs?
Jack Daly’s real world examples to motivate sales forces are derived from his 20-plus years of field proven experience from a starting base as an accountant with CPA firm Arthur Anderson, to the CEO level of several national U.S. companies. 

However, key to his success, is his ability to get attendees to implement his strategies beyond the workshop. 

Goal setting and achieving goals is Jack's "why".  And, if you don't believe me, take a look at his published goals for 2019.   


*Quote from Willy Walker, Chairman and CEO, Walker and Dunlop. 

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