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No more excuses to not move to the cloud

5 common myths about cloud computing busted!


There is a huge and increasing demand for cloud services.

But, fear of security breaches and other concerns are holding back many companies from moving to the cloud.

Chasing Digital authors Anthony Stevens and Louis Strauss say the common presupposition that the cloud is riskier than using on-premise servers is not true.

“At every level, there is no comparison between the security of the cloud and that of your own data centre. The ongoing proliferation of cloud incentivises companies to prevent even the most sophisticated hacks and viruses.”- Chasing Digital.

And, according to Stevens and Strauss, there are so many benefits. The cloud makes it extremely easy to access and launch global software solutions, including security programs, and it’s all done with a click of a button.

This agility puts greater emphasis on the design and configuration of systems within the cloud, whereas your on-premises solutions have to be customised and upgraded independently.

In fact, they say the benefits you can realise from the cloud are so significant; there is now no excuse to move your workloads into the cloud.  Gartner predicts that by 2020, a corporate “no-cloud” policy will be as rare as a “no-internet” policy is today.

So what’s holding you back? Perhaps you are prey to 5 common myths, as listed out in Chasing Digital about cloud computing:

MYTH ONE: Some applications don’t run on the cloud

It is unsubstantiated, old-school IT thinking to think you can’t reconfigure an on premise solution to work effectively in the cloud. Nor does it result in complexity or duplicated costs.  Ask what the limitation is, and seek a second opinion from an advisory firm because almost anything is possible.

MYTH TWO: The legal and risk hurdles are too high

Contrast the legalities and risks of moving to the cloud against where you are today. Consider the rights and obligations you have (or don’t have) in place with your current providers, and compare these with the terms of an agreement with a cloud services leader like Google, Microsoft or Amazon. You’ll find that you’re doing yourself a disservice by not moving to the cloud.

MYTH THREE: It will cost more

Look at your total cost of ownership equation, factoring in forward replacement cycles, and more importantly, the opportunity costs associated with maintaining complex infrastructure. There may be substantial outlay moving to the cloud, but by focussing on the immediate spending, you might miss out on huge savings down the road.

MYTH FOUR: “We already have our own private cloud”

While this feels like a good position, there are issues to consider:

  • You still need to manage the underlying infrastructure and equipment.

  • Nothing is really shared, so you cannot use economies of scale leveraged by large cloud providers, which leads to lower costs, faster innovation cycles and better overall solutions.

  • You have no Service-Level Agreement (SLA) in terms of availability or any other outcome; performance is managed in-house.

  • You likely have a lower security profile and fewer audit accreditations compared with a cloud vendor.

  • You still need to worry about it – day in, day out.  

MYTH FIVE: It’s only for development, testing, and new projects

Limiting the cloud to forward-looking projects suggests the infrastructure you have in place today is better than anything else on the market, which is simply not the case.  Moving to the cloud allows your IT team to spend less time “keeping the lights on” and more time focusing on innovation and digital pursuits.

Cloud computing is here, whether or not you are yet comfortable with it.

According to Chasing Digital, the rise in global cloud computing spend will rise to $US162 billion in 2020, a compound annual growth rate of 19 per cent (was $US67 billion in 2015 – source: Gartner).

Amazon, Microsoft, Google and many others are riding this wave, perhaps it’s time to get on board.


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