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Jack Daly

Kick A** Quotes from Jack Daly’s Winning Sales Strategies

PG-rated tips for sales managers from Hyper Sales Growth author


“The universe will conspire to put sh** on your plate. You need to stay focussed and not eat that sh**.”

“Millennials want companies who offer trust, empowerment and that make a difference in the world. Holy sh**! I’m a millennial too!”  - Jack Daly (aged 68 years old).

“Sales staff love contests. If I took a handful of dirt, and said ‘first to make a sale gets this handful of dirt’ they’d run me over. “

“Non-performing sales people need to be fired tonight.”

“I only do three things in my company; I speak, I travel, I have fun.”  


“Leaders of a company have to turn the rest of the company on.”

“Successful leaders are fixated on the culture. “

“Leaders should be a cheerleader of the culture.”

“Why throw a farewell party for someone leaving? Throw parties for new hires!”

“A good culture = venture capitalists bidding to put money into the company.”

“If you don’t trust your people, you won’t do good business.”

“Stand tall for your employees. A good leader won’t let a customer take anything away from their culture.”

“Remember to ask “How about you?” after you’ve talked about yourself. THAT’S the question.”

“The “family” word is used with leading teams. Companies need to create a family atmosphere.”

“Leaders need to be out and about in the company. They need to stand in front of their employees and say “join me in the change.”

“Most sports teams are run better than most companies.”

“When you recognise and reward employees the money comes in.”  

“There are no such things as (business) expenses, only investments.”


“Contest the sh** out of your people.”(Even a $50 coffee voucher can incentivise sales staff)

“Less than 25% of companies pay bonuses to find great (sales) staff.”

“Everyone needs to work out their hourly rate. If you don’t know what your hourly rate is, how do you know if you’re making the most of each hour?”  

“Get to be the best by practising. Practise selling. Do it three times a week for the rest of time.”

“Sales people think there are millions of objections. There are never more than 15 possible objections.”

“Change your voicemail greeting every day, and record it standing up.”

“People do business with people they like, and they like people who are like them.”

“Good salespeople ask how can I get my prospects to like me better and quicker than my competitors?”

“Don’t call it a call centre. Call it a sales centre. Words make a difference.”

“Trust trumps price all day long.”

“Selling is the transfer of trust. People do business with people they trust.”

“Don’t try to sell to them, ask them to buy.”


"The key to sales is to be a tremendous listener."

"People do sales with people, not companies."

"I listen for needs, opportunities and problems...I listen for pain and pleasure opportunities."

"Most sales are based on emotion, not logic."

"Stop pitching! People don’t want to be sold!"



"If you are a salesperson and you rely on PowerPoint presentations...I am provocatively going to be suggesting you stop doing that."

“If practice is scheduled in companies, more than 50% of the time it’s cancelled…schedule role practice and don’t cancel it.”

“Never make a call without a purpose.”


"People do sales with people, not companies."

"30% of all the leads that come into my company we give to someone else."

“You want to change your results, change your activities.”



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