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James Clear

Kia Ora! Atomic Habits Author James Clear in NZ Ahead of Australian Tour

Unique opportunity to hear habits expert’s techniques for greater success

James Clear

Auckland, New Zealand – World-renowned author and habit expert, James Clear, was in Auckland today for his highly anticipated public event Atomic Habits – James Clear LIVE.

Sharing the groundbreaking science and stories from his bestseller "Atomic Habits", Clear brings his insights to a New Zealand audience before heading to Melbourne and Sydney next week.

This morning, New Zealanders will hear firsthand James Clear’s transformative framework for cultivating better habits and realising human potential. His core principles revolve around the idea that tiny changes can result in remarkable results.

By understanding how habits work and harnessing the power of cumulative growth, individuals and businesses will learn from Clear how they can achieve unprecedented success.

James Clear’s first ever public tour of New Zealand and Australia was at the invitation of Growth Faculty. (See our line-up of the next live virtual and in-person events).

Key Concepts from Atomic Habits

The Power of 1%: Clear will show that even small improvements, when consistently applied, can lead to significant growth and success over time. He will showcase examples of how getting 1% better leads to meaningful change, and how it has value in a business context.

Habit Stacking: By pairing a new habit with a current habit, it's easier to adopt and maintain new practices. Clear will show how businesses and individuals might pair new strategies or behaviours with an existing one to ensure its success.

The Two-Minute Rule: Procrastination is one of the biggest reasons people don’t achieve their goals. Clear will explain why breaking down a task into a segment that takes less than two minutes to complete can help overcome procrastination and build motivation to kickstart a larger process. For businesses, starting with the simplest task can help drive momentum for larger projects.

Environment Design: Clear will outline why it’s easier to build good habits in a conducive environment. For businesses, this could be interpreted as creating a workspace that creates happy teams and high performance, by promoting productivity, collaboration, and innovation.

James Clear's event promises to provide invaluable insights for business professionals and leaders as well as fans of “Atomic Habits”. It's a unique opportunity to truly understand the profound impact of habits on success, both at a personal and organisational level. Moderator for the tour events is thought leader and speaker Holly Ransom, founder and CEO of consulting firm, Emergent and author of "The Leading Edge."

Event Details:

  • Friday, September 8, 9AM to 12PM, Due Drop Centre, Auckland
  • Monday, September 11, 9AM to 12PM, Melbourne Convention Centre, 
  • Tuesday, September 12, 9AM to 12PM, ICC, Sydney

Limited tickets left. For more information, ticket bookings, and tour details, visit

About James Clear:

James Clear is the author of "Atomic Habits", a #1 New York Times bestseller, which has sold over 15 million copies worldwide. Clear’s expertise in habit formation, decision making, and continuous improvement has made him a source of top quotes about habits, and a sought-after speaker for organisations and professionals globally.


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