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Jack Daly

How to keep your best millennial salespeople from leaving your company

Professional coaching a top reason millennials choose one company over another

Professional coaching may keep your millennials. Pictured: The entertaining U.S. sales coach Jack Daly

Your millennial sales staff might be coming to work with a youthful bounce in their step, but, without the right love and attention, they may just bounce out of your company sooner than you’d like. 

In a 2016 Deloitte survey of 4300 millennials, including 300 Australians, a quarter of the respondents said they planned to leave their current company within a year. Two-thirds said they would have left their company by 2020 (ie. in under five years).  

Losing staff is poor business practice, costing at least $25,000 to hire and train a replacement, and resulting in lower engagement and morale among remaining employees, according to Huffpost. 

So, what keeps our bouncy millennial salesperson bouncing through your door, and not that of your competitor in the next building? 

According to the Deloitte research, one powerful competitive move is to provide them with professional development training. 
For salespeople, this means sending them to a quality sales training workshop, hiring a sales coach, or allocating them a good mentor.  

Millennials are so incentivised by professional development training programmes they place them above: 

•    The impact their company has on society
•    The quality of their company’s products and services
•    A strong sense of purpose
•    Opportunities for overseas travel
•    [working for] a fast growing, dynamic company
•    [working for] a leading company that people admire
•    {working for a company that] invests in and uses latest technology
•    The reputation of a company’s leaders. 

Professional development training is listed as one of the top 5 reasons after salary that millennials of both genders would choose to work for a particular company, according to research done by Deloitte. 
millennial study

Top of the list is good work/life balance, followed by opportunities to progress/be leaders, flexibility, and a sense of meaning from their work. 

And, they want significantly more professional development training than they’re currently getting. Survey respondents said they wanted eight hours a week developing leadership skills/coaching and mentoring, nearly double what they are currently receiving. 

CEO advisor Christine Comaford, writing for Forbes, says new salespeople, and especially millennials, need strong coaches and mentors to find long-term success.
When they’re left on their own without adequate support, they’re likely to hit a roadblock after a period of initial success.

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