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GREAT IDEAS: Smart Teams by Dermot Crowley {Interview}

The key points of Smart Teams, to improve productivity flow.

Dermot Crowley is the founder of Adapt Productivity, and is one of Australia's most recognised thought leaders on personal productivity. Dermot is the bestselling author of Smart Work and Smart Teams.

Here, he shares his lessons for being a better team member. 

Are you selfish?  Do you focus on being personally productive but don’t consider the productivity of others in your team (interrupting those who walk past, poorly written emails, late to meetings, failing to accept or decline invitations)?

Make projects visible, not buried in excel sheets. Dermot says many clients have moved to Office 365 which offers Microsoft Teams for projects. Also try Microsoft Planner, Trello or Asana which lets others in the team see what needs to be done by when, by whom and what the progress is.

Pause, think, send. Use this mantra for emails, just like a child learns to stop, look, cross the road. This stops automatic habits with email. Get your team to reduce noise by sending only necessary emails. Who needs a Reply? Do others really need a CC? Check each email is written well, has the document attached etc.

Consider reducing meetings by 100%*! Aim to reduce the number of meetings by 25% per month, each meeting length by 25%, the number of participants at each meeting by 25%, and the time wasted in each meeting by 25%. Ensure each meeting has a clear purpose statement and ensure everyone arrives on time. *Spot of Irish humour from Dermot.

Your brand as a leader is at stake. Leaders should adopt a First Do No Harm policy, because leaders may be the cause of disrupted productivity for the team. Requesting reports that never get looked at or actioned, calling unnecessary meetings, leaving things until the last minute. Leaders must lead from the front, and hold themselves to the highest standards.

At your next meeting, raise productivity. Ask your team what their productivity friction is. What is the thing that is getting in the way of working more productively? Bring these issues to the surface, often the solutions are simple.  


Watch the full interview, download the transcript or listen to the podcast with Dermot Crowley at On Demand. 
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