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GREAT IDEAS: Hyper Sales Growth by Jack Daly {Interview}

Sales secrets of former CEO, master sales trainer Jack Daly

Who makes the best salesperson? How do you incentivise them? Are sales people born or made?

Professional sales trainer and author of Hyper Sales Growth Jack Daly has answers to any sales question you care to ask. 

The former army captain, entrepreneur and CEO has led teams and sales forces in their thousands, and taught sales teams across the globe.  
Here, key lessons from Jack’s book and life.

I started selling potholders door to door at 7 years old, and sold them at double the market rate. I cornered the market in potholders made by little boys.  When you own a market you can charge whatever you like.
50% or more of success in selling is a head case. Getting up in the morning and taking on the challenge. Being comfortable with rejection. Enjoying the hunt. Getting through the gatekeeper.

Salespeople can be made. It’s about proven systems and processes. If you build the playbook for sales, learn the playbook and practise the playbook, and you have the right head case; you’re invincible.

Sports teams are run better than most businesses. Sports teams have a playbook, they have a coach, they practise, and they insist that the players comply with the playbook and the practise.

Too many sales managers and hiring people are being short sighted in staying too much in the same industry. If you can find a top quartile producer in an industry different to yours, it’s easier to teach them your business than to lift [the performance of] a third quartile producer in your industry.

What do you look for in hiring a top salesperson? GRIT. Never give up.

Every place that I go (in the last two months I’ve been to 14 different countries), invariably someone will come up and say it’s really hard to find good salespeople in Delhi, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangkok….  It doesn’t matter where it is.

Millennials are a lot like me; we want to be recognised, rewarded, we want to do good in the world, we want to be challenged with something that gets us excited.

A great reward for salespeople is the simple handwritten note from the leader. The more we become thankful on email, the more valuable the handwritten note becomes.

Salespeople live for contests. Daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and blending them on top of one another. We don’t care what the prize is, it’s seeing where we are on the leader board.

People do business with people they trust. People do business with people they like.  The buying process is emotional.  Ease their pain and increase their pleasure,  you have a client for life.

When you care more about the customer than you do about the sell you will sell more than anyone else out there. When we make that switch inside our mind we differentiate from people just trying to sell something.

It takes 9 touches before the customer knows that you exist. Too frequently about your products and services though, then you’re a pest or an annoyance. Mix it up.

Culture tip: Welcome party for new hires. Instead of throwing parties for when people leave, throw parties for when they join the organisation. 

Sales Management tip:  The bottom 25% of salespeople are responsible for less than 6% of sales. So remove non-performers.

Sales tip: Focus on High Payoff Activities (HPAs). More than 50% of time is spent on non-HPAs. HPAs include face to face meetings, scheduled networking events, trade shows, a presentation to a single, or group of, prospect/s, or a phone call.

My methods work. One of the clients that implemented my strategies posted 24,840% growth, and were listed second on Inc.’s list of fastest growing companies. Another started with seven sales people and now has more than 400 people. 
Jack Daly
Jack’s GREAT EIGHT, answers to our eight getting to know you questions:  

Recommended bookI read this book every year. Endurance: Shackleton's Incredible Voyage by Alfred Lansing. It’s inspiring. It teaches you that no matter what you’ve achieved in your life, you could do a whole lot more. 

If you could co-author a book with anyone in the world who would it be, and what’s the book title? I have an embarrassing answer. Years ago a good friend asked me if I’d co-author a book with him, and I said no. It was Simon Sinek, and the book he was talking about was Start with Why. So, I’d like to go around again and write a book with Simon, Execute with Why. I’m about execution.  

Best piece of advice you can share? Lifelong learning is the key to success. I have an extensive bucket list with over 300 items, you can read it on This year I will read no less than 35 books.

What's been your lowest moment, and how did you recover from it?  I don’t know that I have recovered. She was 15 and I was 16 when I met my wife Bonnie. In Feb 2017 my wife was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, she fought a valiant battle, and we lost that battle in  November 2017.  2018 was no bed of roses either.

How do you relax? I’m an endurance athlete. I started this morning with a 10 km run and I’ll go out for another 10 km. I call that the daily double. I’ve now logged 95 marathon finishes, 15 ironmans, and over 70 triathlons.  I don’t run with audio, I’m just with nature, I’m in the zone.  I’m also a movie junkie.

What’s a fun fact that’s not widely known about you?  I was a head altar boy. My family thought I would be a priest, but my language was salty at times. Also, at 13 years old I spent the summer interviewing 200 successful business owners for four hours each on what advice they could offer  a 13 year old on becoming successful.

What do you think is the secret of success? I don’t know there is any secret. Find something you’re passionate about. If every night you hit the sack exhausted because you gave it all to a place that you love to play in, there is nothing better.

What is your prediction for 2025? More than 50% of us will be riding in a vehicle that no-one will be driving.

Jack Daly will be back in Australia this July, presenting his famous workshop, Winning Sales Strategies to audiences in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney. The early bird price ends 31 May, so secure a seat to learn how to grow your business quickly and profitably. Learn more here.

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