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Let the future in your mind drive your actions of today

Kyle Hermans masterclass helps develop future ready leadership

Kyle Hermans - blog image

“Today used to be yesterday’s unimaginable future”

We are operating in a state of change so rapid that humanity has never experienced it before. The core foundations of how we live, work, interact, play, lead and believe are constantly disrupted. 

It’s predicted that over the next 4-5 years we will likely experience the same level of change humans have experienced in the last 100 years. 

So, how can you and the teams you lead, prepare for an uncertain future? Or, for circumstances, no amount of data can predict? 

In a highly interactive, energetic and “seriously fun” masterclass, Kyle Hermans taught participants the 5 personas to master for future ready leadership. Kicking off with some food for thought, Kyle reminded participants “Today, right now is the youngest you will ever be again for the rest of your life, enjoy this moment”, and encouraged them to stay present and curious about what lay ahead. 

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What is Future Ready Leadership? 

To achieve future ready leadership, Kyle says we must let “the future we hold in our mind drive our actions and behaviour”.

When surveyed, participants raised the following suggestions of what being “future ready” means to them: 

  • Adapting and flowing through change 
  • Being prepared for challenges 
  • Resilience 
  • Minimising risks 
  • Goal setting 
  • Leading others through change 
  • Leading others in new work environments 

The 5 Personas of Future Readiness 

So, how do we become future ready leaders? Kyle revealed and unpacked the 5 personas we need to master to elevate our leadership for future readiness. 

The Time Traveller 

  • In a world where we are all perpetually distracted, time travellers solve the present from the future, by stepping into the future they want to create right now 
  • They figure out what they want/ need to be to make an impact and start working toward it 
  • They operate from a “where focus goes, energy flows” mindset and focus on intention rather than attention 

Growth Tip - To master this persona, our mind must meet the destination before our life does.  

The Revolutionary 

  • The masters of learning and more importantly, unlearning. Revolutionaries spark a revolution by removing learned biases, boundaries and behaviours in order to reimagine the future 
  • They face their fears, build relationships with them and then let go because they understand the risk of being future ready vs the risk of not 
  • They think big, bold and outside of the box, and dare to chase a change worth fighting for 

Growth Tip – ‘Knowledge is not understanding’. Kyle shared this incredible video on the power of unlearning. Once you learn to ride a bike, can you actually forget? 

The Backwards Brain Bicycle

YouTube video (8 minutes)

The Scholar 

  • Like Growth Faculty members, Scholars are lifelong learners who have mastered how to use all parts of the mind, sparking creativity and innovation 
  • They actively seek the skills needed for the future and pursue personal development to stay ahead 

Algebra, spelling, map-reading and handwriting were just a few of the skills masterclass participants revealed they no longer need or use today. When was the last time you used a fax machine or even an ATM? 

Instead, they are embracing home automation, public speaking, information security protocols, electronic banking and we’re pleased to say, developing their leadership skills via a Growth Faculty’s Leadership Pass.  

Leadership Pass - banner - Oct 2021

“Most people overestimate what they can do in one year, and underestimate what they can do in ten years.” – Bill Gates 

The Maker 

  • They start to produce meaningful products, solutions and content for the world to create or inspire the change they want to make 
  • They overcome the fears and emotional blockers to creativity and find the courage to lean in and bring their gifts to the world 
  • Rather than chase, defend or improve current solutions, they create new ones 

Growth Tip – Commit to one year of daily practice, e.g 365 days of journaling or creating to develop the skill of being a maker

The Sheriff 

  • Our final persona understands the core values needed for the future and models them. Through this behaviour, they empower others and create not only followers but collaborators and co-creators 
  • They set boundaries to protect their time, space and flow to succeed and protect their future selves from overwhelm 

“The wild west of experimenting on the edge needs a Sheriff” 

6 Questions for Maintaining Momentum 

In an engaging and energizing masterclass rated an average 9/10, participants used a workbook to map out their Future Ready Leadership Roadmap. And for maintaining momentum? Kyle recommends asking ourselves these 6 questions on our way to becoming future ready: 

  1. What is the future state I desire to create? And why? 
  2. What is something worth fighting for? What shift is needed to succeed, and why? 
  3. What do I need to learn and/or unlearn to reach my future state? 
  4. What can I make that will create the most impact? And why? 
  5. What healthy moral boundaries are necessary for real change? And why? 
  6. What is the courage needed right now to be future ready, and why? 

 What Does it Mean to be Future Ready? 

Closing out the masterclass, Kyle shared the characteristics organisations and individuals should adopt to lead through change. These include: 

  • Be ambitious 
  • Set a vision of what it means to be future ready 
  • Embrace active learning and maximise it. Personalise it for yourself and the teams you lead 
  • Empower others to make decisions rather than centralising them within a core group 
  • Make people willingly want to follow and nurture you 
  • Courage the future, courage your now 

Adaptability, flexibility, vulnerability, embracing real-life experiences, developing a passion for adventuring into the unknown, living on purpose, and understanding how to solve for the present from the future, are a few of the foundational pillars to thrive and lead as an organisation in an exponential world.

Kyle Hermans returns to Growth Faculty to deep dive into the principles of future-ready leadership in a 3 Part Application Workshop.

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