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How to start your company's ESG and sustainability journey

Case studies and First Steps Framework to start your journey on ESG


A decision to turn their waste oranges into marmalade has kicked off an impressive sustainability journey for Four Pillars Gin. Four Pillars is Australia’s first gin distillery certified as Climate Active for achieving net zero emissions.

Co-founder Cameron Mackenzie says it’s just the beginning. But, as we’ll see below, beginning is the hard part for so many Australian businesses.

Mind the Gap

There’s a worrying gap in Australian organisations today. In 68% of them, there’s air between their ambition to bring environmental, social and governance (ESG) into their strategy and their execution of that goal. (1)

Yet data shows ESG is now core to long-term value creation, according to PwC, and firms that fail to embrace ESG will risk significant value erosion. (2)

Free Download: Why ESG and Sustainability are Critical to your Business Success

Customers preferring ESG-active organisations

So, what’s stopping business leaders pushing hard on ESG? The effects of climate change are more apparent, and data shows consumers, investors, and employees are rapidly preferring organisations taking authentic action on ESG. How come ESG isn’t a priority in every business? 

Well, it appears many leaders don’t know where to start.

An HSBC survey of 9100 companies in 35 countries found that while 96% of businesses felt pressure to become more sustainable, only 4% had a clear understanding of how they were going on ESG metrics or how they might apply to them. (3)

Case studies and framework to start your journey on ESG

We chatted to business owners and leaders who’ve taken the leap and learned about ESG on their climate neutral journey. Like most business owners and executives, they are time-poor and have resource constraints.

But, without exception, they are pleased they’ve made the effort, citing employee engagement, competitive advantage, acquisition of new customers, and ‘a good feeling’ as some of the benefits.   

We share their stories and helpful tips in our whitepaper "Why ESG and Sustainability are Critical to Your Business Success", plus our “First Steps Framework” to help get started. Download now, and we'll send the whitepaper direct to your email to start your own ESG journey today. 

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2.     PwC Global Private Equity Responsible Investment Survey 2021

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Image of Cameron Mackenzie at Four Pillars Gin distillery by Anson Smart


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