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Disruptive Innovation Salim Ismail - video blog image

Disruptive innovation - Anyone can do it

The implications are huge. Are you ready?

Anyone with access to internet can become a disrupter, and the implications are huge. 
Singularity University founder, technology strategist and disruptor, Salim Ismail talks about the orthogonal effect of information. 
Fearful for the future of your business? Eager to avoid disruption but unsure how? You're not alone. Leaders feel a profound sense of urgency to transform strategy, culture, structure and leadership to avoid disruption and thrive in the future. 
To this end, The Growth Faculty is bringing five of the globally revered faculty from Singularity University to speak to 100 executives in Sydney during a two day immersion workshop - Leading Digital Transformation. Spaces are limited. Learn more. 

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