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Breaking Bread: Key concepts of networking book by Guatam Ganglani

Book discusses the No.1 tool for building relationships from an entrepreneur who lives by it

Gautam Ganglani - mugshot

You've heard of the term "breaking bread."

But not to describe a great business tool, am I right?

Successful speaker events entrepreneur and author Guatam Ganglani in his book Breaking Bread says:

  • Breaking bread is more than just sharing a meal with someone.
  • It’s the No.1 strategy for building relationships.

Key Concepts in Breaking Bread:

A conversation over a meal helps break barriers between you and the customer and builds personal and professional relationships in meaningful ways. 

  • Instead of money “spent” on meals, use the word “invested.”
  • Think with abundance, collaboration and gratitude, and have no expectations.
  • A meal may lead to work, but it may just give you a chance to hear another person’s challenges and successes. 
  • "Breaking Bread" can be a meal, a coffee, or just a phone call.

When Covid hit, Guatam wrote down 100 names of people he wanted to speak with. He called 3-5 people a day to see how they were going through the pandemic.

Guatam's "45-day pandemic plan" encouraged his team to think creatively: 

  • What value can we create during these 45 days that helps us break bread with our existing community and the community at large? 
  • What can we achieve in these 45 days?
  • What new can we learn in these 45 days?
  • What can we do in these 45 days that we have not had the time to do before? 

The project resulted in the creation of the Breaking Bread ecosystem of books, speaking events, and interviews. 

Have clarity on your target market. Look out for stories of people online and invite them to break bread with you (perhaps a cup of coffee). 

  • Build strategic partnerships by first building your personal brand.
  • Share your expertise through webinars and interviews, blogs and articles.  
  • Make a list of 5-10 people you want to meet and try to connect with them.
  • Adopt a giver's mindset
  • Be aware, proactive, and positive, and believe you’ll connect with the right person a the the right time when you have the right context to approach them. 

Relationship building actions:

1. Reconnect with one or two people every week. Call someone you haven’t for a while.  

2. Send one handwritten note a day.

3. Follow up meetings with “nice to meet you” and “thanks for your time and consideration.” 

4. Smile when meeting people, entering a room, or talking on the phone. 

5. Listen with care. 

6. Make a list of key people in your industry or profession you’d like to meet. 

7. Once a month have lunch with a friend, colleague or client you haven’t seen for a while. 

8. Become a resource for others. 

Lessons from my father – Ram Ganglani’s 3 principles:

  • Surround yourself with the right people
  • Continuously learn
  • Take action

Ram Ganglani and Guatam Ganglani also practise and believe in the power of positive affirmations. 

5 positive affirmations:

  • I am always joyful and happy, no matter what happens every day
  • I keep doing what is good and what is right for all, and I stay at peak energy at all times.
  • I mediate and exercise every day. I am now calm and peaceful, enjoying perfect health every day.
  • I constantly stay in peak state as I contribute my time, energy, and wealth to all those in need, no matter what level they are.
  • Along with my colleagues, I am reaching greater and greater heights, while benefitting everyone along my journey.

So instead of retreating into your shell when times are tough, try reaching out.

Prep yourself with positive affirmations and then break bread in some way with someone else.

It will do you both a great service.

And it might be great for business.

Bon appetit!

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