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A low-tech way you can impress a prospect

Got $50? Spend it this way and make $$$

Master sales trainer Jack Daly has a “money bag” that he says has made him millions of dollars.  

The bag is nothing more than a plastic wallet containing photo cards with his photo on each one, personalised stamps, company thankyou cards, business cards, and a pen.

It’s not high-tech, but this master sales trainer, who between the ages of 26 and 46 built a multi-million dollar company up from nothing four times, says it’s made him more money than most anything else he’s ever done.

How does it (still) work?

With all the e-noise in our lives, receiving a handwritten note gets you noticed by your prospect.  

Email is still a part of his repertoire. Any face to face meeting is immediately followed up with an email, preferably before you leave the building or car park.

“Immediacy is the key, remember, most of the time you are unseating the incumbent. So be quick, be proactive. Don’t make them wait,” Jack explains.

Then, a handwritten note is sent on a card personalised with a photo relating to some shared interest.  Jack Daly has cards with photos of him golfing, drinking wine, dancing, with his grandchildren, to name a few.  The note thanks the prospect for their time and reconfirms what you both agreed would happen next. It’s stamped with a personalised stamp (like these ones from Australia Post ).

“Selling is the transfer of trust. People do business with people they like, and they like people who are like them,” he points out.

If the prospect likes golfing, they get a card showing Jack’s swing.  Fishing? Jack shares their passion too, look here he is pictured fishing. Did they talk about kids or grandkids?  Jack shares proudly a card boasting a photo of his grandkids.

He points out he’d rather look cheesy than look like all his competitors.

Of course, converting the prospect  isn’t achieved with one stunt by a one trick pony.  Jack Daly cites dozens of suggested ways to better succeed with generating leads, converting prospects and retaining customers in his book Hyper Sales Growth.  

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