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Brene Brown Aus

22 Quotes to inspire you to Dare to Lead from Brené Brown {from live event}

“Brave leaders are not quiet around hard things.”

Below, many new and original quotes from Brené Brown's sold-out LIVE events in Australia 2019 run by The Growth Faculty.  Some also appear in our popular blog Top 30 Brené Brown Quotes for Leaders. 

Brave leaders are not quiet around hard things.”

"We are a meaning making species. In the absence of data, we make up stories." 

"When something hard happens, it doesn’t matter what it is...the brain has one job above all else...survive."

"If you walk through your organisation and see shame, you have a crisis on your hands."

“We cannot teach people to reset effectively when they’re on the ground. You cannot teach someone to reset when they’ve already fallen.”

“The reason we blame, is a real need for control.”

"When you’re able to be brave and afraid, it’s when you know you’re alive."

“If I thought there was a way around being vulnerable I would’ve found it by now.”

"We have to attend to fears and feelings, otherwise we can’t attend to unproductive behaviour.”

“Courage is not staying quiet about things that make us uncomfortable.”

“Courage over comfort.”

"We believe in feedback being shared 30 minutes after the behaviour."

Brene Brown LIVE

"The antidote to shame is empathy."

"The biggest shame trigger at work, is the fear of irrelevance."

“When people don’t know their value they’re hustling for their worth.”

“We’re not having tough conversations.”

"The story I’m telling myself is…"

"When you’re able to be brave and afraid, it’s when you know you’re alive."

"What if I would’ve shown up? What if I would’ve been brave?"

“To wake up every morning and love someone. It doesn’t get more vulnerable than that.”

“It’s not fear that gets in the way of us being brave, it’s armour.”

“We’re brave and afraid all day’s the choice we make while we’re holding the tension of those things.”

Dr Brown is a research professor who has spent the past two decades studying courage, vulnerability, shame, and empathy and is the author of four #1 New York Times bestsellers. Brené's TED talk, The Power of Vulnerability is one of the top five most viewed TED talks in the world, with over 40 million downloads. For more information about more international speaker events from The Growth Faculty, who hosted Brené Brown LIVE, click here

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