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21 Quotes to Turn Strategy into Action from 4DX

The top quotes from Chris McChesney’s Australian workshop series

‘You’ve got to narrow your focus.’

‘Execution doesn’t like complexity.’

‘If you can lock down the execution variable...there’s a lot more sanity there.’

‘Anything you’re trying to execute on...will fall very neatly into one of two categories, which we’ve named, ‘stroke of the pen’ and ‘behaviour change’.

‘We don’t find leaders saying, “I wish I was better at this.”’

‘Deming said, “any time the majority of people behave a particular way the majority of the time, the problem is not the people.”’ 

‘Execution is harder than strategy.’

‘There are things right now that you do in your organisation that five years ago you couldn’t even conceive of.’

‘Leaders do not have the luxury of painting on a blank canvas... most brains are already filled up, and you’re working on the margin.’

‘Human beings…[have] a really strong built-in tendency to move to something urgent, even in the face of something way more important.’

‘You can’t launch an initiative...that will feel more urgent than the day job in the moment.’

‘The trick to execution and strategy is not about executing on the goal, it’s about executing on the goal in the middle of a 100pmh whirlwind.’

‘If you get execution right you’ll be able to figure out your strategy.’

‘Getting organisations to adopt new behaviours is not easy.’

‘Everything has a starting line, a finishing line and a deadline.’ 

‘There are some results that require a cellular energy.’ 

‘There will always be more good ideas than there is capacity to execute.’

‘Just because we can measure something, doesn’t mean it has to be a goal for optimisation.’

‘Every plane has precious cargo, but how are they landing them?...they’re landing them one at a time.’

‘There’s a giant difference between knowing a thing, and knowing the data behind the thing.’

‘People play differently when they’re keeping score.’

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