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20 great corporate Xmas gift ideas blog

20 top corporate Xmas gift ideas. Idea #1: Toilet Paper Subscription

Don’t crumple under the pressure – outsource your gift giving this year

Last week, I was a different person. I was buying my toilet paper at the supermarket.

This week, I’m as gnarly as they get, because now I subscribe to toilet paper.

For $30 every 8 weeks I get 24 double length rolls of 100% recycled toilet paper delivered free from Who Gives a Crap.  

And, I’m a smug subscriber, because 50% of the profits go on building toilets for those in need.

20 suggestions to surprise and delight

Eliminating toilet paper lugging from my life has given me such a kick, I’ve put together a list of 20 life-affirming product subscriptions available in Australia that make brilliant Xmas gifts for staff, corporate clients, family members or business colleagues.

Toilet paper - Who Gives A Crap

Socks - Sock it up Australia sends 2 pairs of Australian-designed cotton socks for $29 p.m. (plus shipping) on the 25th of every month.  

Pet Food - Savour Life  An auto-delivery “subscription” for a 10 kg bag of Australian-made Savour Life dry dog food is $85.80 (every 8 weeks). Savour Life gets a big slap on the back for giving 50% of its profits to rescue dogs. As well, there’s a code on each packet that links you to a dog that needs a home.

Business books & great ideas - The Growth Faculty 
Give the gift of lifelong learning. Go for the On Demand premium membership ($39.95 p.m.) and The Growth Faculty will deliver to (Australian) addressees a curated annual selection of 10 internationally-recognised business books. Also included are great practical ideas in weekly exclusive interviews with renowned business authors, plus discounts on The Growth Faculty’s renowned live speaker events. Ideal for executives and entrepreneurs, customers, and clients.

Chocolate -   A little expensive, but what price happiness at this level? For $44.95 p.m., on the 20th of each month, you will receive 4 full-size craft chocolate bars.

Coffee - Three Thousand Thieves or Bean Hunter  – If they’ve got a coffee machine, gift them coffee roasters’ selections delivered from $19 p.m. Then happen to “drop in” every weekend morning.

Sustainable toothbrushes - The Toothbrush Project   100% of profits goes towards dental care for those in need.

Healthy snacks - Snack Mojo   Monthly delivery of healthy snacks to their desk or door for $8.50 a week, free shipping. Great gift for team members, or your grown up kids.

Flowers - Flower Haul   $566.40 yearly subscription and they get flowers delivered every week. A generous and luxurious gift for someone who deserves a spoil.

Wine - Handpicked Wines   From $150 per quarter, the Trunk Club offers a handpicked regional selection of wines. For beer lovers, try a monthly craft beer subscription at Beer Cartel.

Clothes - The Quarterly Edit  Corporate or event-going women would enjoy a bespoke styling service and regular clothing packages and men would be impressed with a gift from Thread Box.

Sanitary pads and tampons - Tsuno  As Australia prepares to welcome education and human rights activist Malala Yousafzai in December, it’s appropriate to highlight this organisation which also supports girls in education.  A useful gift that is truly worthy of consideration. Read Roz’s amazing story and subscribe to help her goal to sell enough pads and tampons to send at least 100 girls to school in Sierra Leone via Tsuno’s charity partner One Girl.

Razors - Oscar Razor  Orders are assembled and fulfilled by the team at Beehive Industries in Sydney, a Not For Profit Social Enterprise supporting seniors and persons with disability.

Laundry detergent - The Dirt Company  Is Dirt made in Australia? Yes, Yes, Absolutely Yes, says Dirt’s FAQ. Will laundry detergent impress the gift recipient? Oh, you’ll get loads of compliments.

Men’s grooming - GentSac  Grooming products, boxers and socks delivered monthly or less frequently.

Art - Artbank  The good news for business is that leasing contemporary art is 100% tax deductible. You can lease an artwork for home or office from $165 ranging to a maximum of $5500 per year (that will get you a Jeffery Smart). There’s a minimum annual spend of $550. Gift for self?

Nappy and baby wipes - Thankyou Company  $90 delivered monthly, and 100% of profits go to Thankyou Charitable Trust, which funds organisations including those focused on ending maternal and child mortality in vulnerable communities.  

Movie tickets - Sinemia   Haven’t got my head around this, but in theory it could be good.

Car wash - Wipe Hero  Waterless washing at your home or office from $24 a week for subscribers. Currently based in Sydney (it’s expanding).  How they wash without water is a mystery.

Vegetable garden - Easy Come Easy Grow  Keen community gardener Shaun Gort founded this service. For $100 a year, you get a monthly pack of in-season Australian-sourced herb and vegie seeds with instructions and serving suggestions. An evergreen gift.


And, if you have a suggestion that’s not on this list, by all means send it to us at The Growth Faculty - via Facebook (@thegrowthfaculty) or Twitter (@growthfaculty).




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