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Enjoy more success this year with optimism, the right mindset, and our Growth Faculty Pass


Hugely popular speaker Patrick Lencioni returns to Growth Faculty for a live virtual event in May

Happy New Year from us!

Here's the thing. It’s a brand new year so why not turn it to your advantage? Research shows a new year is a particularly effective time for making positive changes. How to Change author Katy Milkman says it's down to “harnessing the power of a fresh start.”


“It’s the ‘new me’ – a psychological makeover. People feel distanced from past failures, they feel like a different person – a person with reason to be optimistic about the future.” - Katy Milkman

With this optimism, the right mindset, and a Growth Faculty Pass giving you access to the world's best speakers (scroll down to see some of our line-up), you can start your 2023 journey to personal and professional success. Here’s our framework for kick-off.

Free Download: 10 Leadership Qualities That Will Help Solve Challenges in 2023


Research shows positive teams outperform negative teams. One negative person can totally sabotage the team, the organisation, and the customer experience. Jon Gordon, author of The Power of a Positive Team, says that every day you're creating your workplace culture by what you think, by what you say, and by what you do.

“A team's collective energy and optimism is made up of each person's belief and optimism.” - Jon Gordon

For 2023, try his ideas:

·       Lead with optimism. Lead with belief. Talk about the vision.

·       Talk to yourself, don’t listen to yourself. Don’t let that inner-critic win the fight.

·       Try love-tough, not tough love. If your team knows that you love them and you care about them, then you earn the right to challenge them.

The right mindsets

Make 2023 your year to reset the mindsets of your team members.

Growth mindset

CEO Satya Nadella grew Microsoft to the third largest company in the world (US$2.054 billion market capitalisation), partly by emphasising a growth mindset

“It’s about every individual, every one of us having that attitude – that mindset – of being able to overcome any constraint, stand up to any challenge, making it possible for us to grow and thereby for the company to grow.” (1)

·       Be ‘actively open-minded’ says Adam Grant, global speaker and author of Think Again.

·       Set a direction, but be prepared to ‘tack’ says transformation expert Mark Bonchek.

Empathy mindset

Satya Nadella has also fostered empathy mindset in the company. Empathy is widely known to be one of the top 10 qualities of successful leaders.

“We learned that empathy is essential to deal with problems everywhere, whether at Microsoft or at home, here in the United States or globally. That is also a mindset, a culture.”

Daniel Coyle, in The Culture Code, says empathy is how good leaders signal ‘belonging cues’ and Professor Amy Edmondson, author of The Fearless Organisation, says humans need lots of belonging signals, ‘over and over.’

“Given that our sense of danger is so natural and automatic, organisations have to do some pretty special things to overcome that natural trigger.” - Amy Edmondson


Andrea Clarke will present a Future Fit masterclass in April

Growth Faculty Pass

Our Growth Faculty Pass gives you access to the world’s greatest business thinkers. All the researchers and authors quoted above (Professor Amy Edmondson, Adam Grant, Mark Bonchek, Daniel Coyle, Jon Gordon, Katy Milkman, and even Herminia Ibarra who did the case study on Satya Nadella) have spoken at our weekly virtual events. 

In other words, you can now get access to speakers like these every week!

A 12-month pass costs less than you think and includes 40-plus live virtual events, including masterclasses, Global Headliner events, and business author interviews.

We refresh our events calendar throughout the year to ensure all topics are current.

So far, our incredible line-up for 2023 includes:

·       International executive coach John Spence on adaptability

·       Economist turned business storyteller Yamini Naidu on shifting spreadsheets to stories

·       Entrepreneur and author of ‘Onboarded.’ Brad Giles on onboarding new hires

·       Former RAAF officer and ABC deputy chair, author Kirstin Ferguson on modern leadership

·       Leadership coach and storyteller Kylee Stone on aligning action with vision, values, mission, and goals

·       Awakened Mind app founder, author of Vertical Growth Michael Bunting on self-awareness

·       Future Fit author Andrea Clark (pictured) on adapting to change

·       Business coach and author Mark Green on Creating a Culture of Accountability

·       Award-winning communication coach and author Professor Dorie Clark on strategic thinking

·       Certified Dare to Lead™ facilitator Kylie Lewis on fostering psychologically safe workplaces

·       Global Headline Event: Patrick Lencioni – 6 Types of Genius in a Happy & Engaged Team (pictured)

All these will be engaging live and interactive virtual events. As well, there are hundreds of On Demand videos, podcasts, and articles to help you become a world-class leader.

And, Growth Faculty pass holders get special pricing on the in-person event tickets and the livestream tickets for ‘An Evening With…..event series.’ Our 2023 speaker for this series has been announced as President Barack Obama, 44th President of the United States.


The future requires we all upskill. 2023 provides a fresh start opportunity to do so.

Learning and Development (L&D) is proven to be one of at least nine effective staff retention strategies and leadership development is proven to lift results.

As the Future of Work Trends in 2022 report says, now we must shift from executive leadership to “enterprise leadership”. (2)

Just as a sports academy unlocks the full potential of its athletes to create champions, a leadership development program unlocks leadership potential in your team.

So, let’s get this party started for a happy new year!


1.     Herminia Ibarra and Aneeta Rattan, ‘Microsoft: Instilling a Growth Mindset’, London Business School Review

2.      Future of Work Trends in 2022, Korn Ferry insights 


Patrick Lencioni

Andrea Clark

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