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12 great advice quotes from Australian CEOs

Be true to yourself, never surrender, never stop learning

What’s the best advice you could share?
Here, answers to that question from some of Australia’s leading CEOs, with links to an exclusive interview with each. 

“Be true to yourself.” Brendan Nelson, (pictured) CEO, Australian War Memorial

“Never surrender.” Peter Burke,  Managing Director and founder of Travellers Autobarn 
“It’s okay to be you! Don’t try to be someone you think they want you to be!”  Michelle Blivacs, CEO, The Association of Consulting Surveyors (NSW and National) 

“Let’s not take our health for granted. Unfortunately, it’s not until our health is compromised that suddenly we realise how important it is.”  Brigid Walsh, General Manager of the Golden Door Health Retreat and Spa Elysia in the Hunter Valley, NSW 

“Never stop learning, and always treat people as you want to be treated.” Scott Polsen, CEO Benmax

“Play the long game – i.e. focus on long term value and understand that sometimes it comes at the sacrifice of short-term profit – do the “long work” as Seth Godin would say. 
I think this applies to many facets in life:
•             Relationships – an extra hour at work might get a bit more done, generate a little extra profit, but if you do it consistently you send a clear message about your priorities to your partner. In the long run, the incremental profit is worthless, but a healthy relationship is everything.
•             Investing – the best financial decisions are almost always long-dated ones. Because thinking short term almost always means your decision will be influenced by either fear or greed.
•             Personal – the tension between relaxing versus going out and doing some exercise. Or the decision to abide by a set of moral and value codes in order to build a reputation even though it might cost some money in the short term.”
Stuart Wemyss,Chartered Accountant and ProSolution Private Clients Founder and Director 

“Relationships are the differentiator.” Michelle Bagnall, CEO Banking, RACQ

“Be curious and listen deeply.  You have two ears and one mouth, so use them in that order.”  Dean Robertson, founder and former CEO of Microsoft partner Mexia, and now Partner, Platform Engineering, at Deloitte Consulting 

 “Surround yourself with people who build you up, support you, and challenge you in good ways. Don’t just find yourself a mentor, find yourself a team of mentors.” Dianne Gardiner, CEO, Bastion Latitude 

“If you're going to dream, dream big, because it's going to cost you the same amount of time.” Dean Landy, CEO, One Heart Foundation 

“Process and technology can be copied, but people can’t be, so focus on the most important part, which is: people.”  Michael Redman, CEO, Redman Solutions 

“Work on yourself.” David Johnston, Managing Director (Australia), Weleda